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Walk a mile in their shoes

Dear Editor,

I am quite disappointed in Ms. McGovern’s planter perspective. I will make my point very clear. Ms. McGovern seems quite proud of the decision that city council has made to provide $10,000 worth of public safety planters for her twentysomething children and the Midland Avenue neighborhood.

It’s too bad that the public safety of the disabled population, middle school children, and the elderly in the southern city neighborhoods of Glenwood Park, Park West, Park East and Cardiff Glen were not considered when the decision was made to eliminate bus transportation to those areas. I am thankful that my disabled twentysomething son does not have any physically disabling conditions that prevent him from walking the mile to and from the closest bus stop. However, it has been his dignity, worth, value and community access that was crippled by City Council’s decision.

Too bad the $10,000 for planters could not have been allocated to the city bus service.

I guess it boils down to different perspectives. Whose shoes are you walking a mile in? The ones who need their traffic (transportation) calmed, or the ones who have no transportation at all?

Renee McCullough

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

How about those C and D supporters? Slick, aren’t they? (Slick signs, too. Wish we could afford some!)

They show Hank Brown as a former U.S. Senator (which is true, of course), but conveniently forget to mention that he is now president of the University of Colorado, as he parrots the gloom and doom talking points for education if C and D fail. His career-long credibility with me took a huge hit.

And then the C and D pimps try to suggest the funds are earmarked by saying “annual reports to taxpayers” are required. Two quite different things.

Three salient points if C and D pass:

1. It will be a tax increase forever, not just just a five-year “suspension” of TABOR.

2. The economies of both Colorado and the nation are not only not recovering, they are steadily declining, government spin notwithstanding. What do you think record-setting bankruptcies, foreclosures and employee discounts at car dealers are all about?

3. If we take this bait for a whopping tax increase by approving C or D by suspending a constitutional amendment, we taxpayers will never, ever regain any credibility with politicians about opposing constantly increasing taxes.

Ditto for Glenwood’s 2A. I hope it feels awful for our City Council members to sit in “their” palatial city hall digs and beg for funds to fix “our” streets. I see no evidence whatsoever of shame, however. They’re not even a little embarrassed. Why am I not surprised.

Bob Richardson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

The Referendums C and D vote on Nov. 1 is a vote to measure the value Coloradans place on investing in people and quality of life, or a measure of selfishness and greed.

Colorado ranks among the wealthiest of states (seventh) in per capita income and near the bottom in per capita payment of state and local taxes (48th). Coloradans can afford to forgo a tax rebate (nothing to do with income tax refunds) ” for five years only ” amounting to $90/year for taxes that are already collected (not a tax increase).

Failure to pass C and D will result in $400 million more in cuts to balance the state budget in 2006 in programs where Colorado already ranks near the bottom in all areas.

Any and all of the following are being considered if C and D don’t pass: releasing thousands of inmates at state penal institutions; closing or privatizing most of Colorado’s colleges and universities; drastically reducing Medicaid funding, which would send many elderly in senior citizens homes to relatives, reduce support (already 48th in nation) for children’s health care, and reduce support for disabled, handicapped and poor; stopping existing road and bridge projects and repair of roads; and/or cutting K-12 education support and repair of dangerous school buildings.

Most of the negative support is coming from Republicans, according to the Sunday Denver Post poll. Do Republicans really believe the lies of big monied multimillionaires and those of the selfish, greedy Independence Institute supporters?

Colorado voters will remember who caused the demise of our quality of life in Colorado in the 2006 election if C and D don’t pass. Does the Republican Party really want to be known as the party of “Greed Over People (GOP)?”

Calvin Johnston


Dear Editor,

Some people have complained that the planters on Midland Avenue are hazardous. This is not a revelation on the level of rocket science. The intention is to place stuff in the street so that drivers, who are generally preoccupied with their radios, their phones, or their thoughts, will recognize on some level, conscious or unconscious, that they are passing through a more technical area and react by being more careful. Traffic engineers hope that this will translate into slower speeds.

These planters are temporary, installed on a trial basis. In a permanent installation, they would be part of a median with curbs. Such medians have proved to successfully calm traffic.

Driving along Midland Avenue, you will not, we believe, actually run into one of these planters unless you are trying to; not in control of your car; or not watching where the heck you are going. To imply that the planter caused the accident last week, and therefore the planters should be removed, is to accept tacitly that at least one of those three behaviors is actually acceptable.

If you slide into one of these planters in winter, it’s probably because you were driving too fast for existing conditions. You could just as easily continue into the other lane and into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

We feel the Post Independent’s Wednesday editorial calling for removal of the planters is well-intentioned, but was written without thorough and thoughtful examination of the situation.

Jeremy Heiman

Howard Raley

Jeff Fegan

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

It took me almost as long to stop laughing as it did for Dale Shrull to get out of the West Glenwood roundabouts without getting dented or killed. His article in the Oct. 12 Post Independent was right on. And, I might add, very funny.

I only hope that those who decided that roundabouts are the wave of the future do not have to drive through one more than once or twice a week. It is just too dangerous and nerve-racking to try more than that.

But hey Dale, want a real thrill? Try it on a motorcycle sometime. Yikes! Now that is an amusement park ride. Too bad it isn’t really fun.

Oh yeah, now they want to do it in Rifle at the I-70 exits. Just more fun for us thrill seekers, right Dale?

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I just attended my last meeting as a Garfield County School District No. 16 School Board member. I chose not to run for re-election, and I would like to set the record straight on my reasons for this decision. It is not because of my daughter’s illness ” she is in remission.

When I decided to seek a board position, I realized that as a school board member, I would be open to criticism, and my decisions would be questioned. I knew there would be times when I would be bound by confidentiality and would not be able to publicly defend my decisions. But in my naïvete, I did not realize I would be personally attacked for my opinions and my beliefs. I didn’t realize my child would be snubbed for her mother’s opinions.

Yes, I am a liberal in “Republicanville,” so differences of opinion are a fact of my life. I even enjoy it, when it is friendly and respectful. I did not appreciate a fellow liberal demeaning me in the press for our difference of opinion.

I spent countless hours reading, studying and attending conferences to become a knowledgeable and informed school board member, even when my daughter was in and out of the hospital. As a board member, I took on the responsibility of making informed decisions that benefited the majority of our students, not necessarily what benefited my own child. I did not expect to be thanked. I did not always agree or whole-heartedly support the district administration ” for which I also paid dearly.

I have chosen to no longer be Mary Moore, District 16 School Board member and protector of all students. I am once again Dani’s mom, and I will whole-heartedly and with all my liberalism support my child’s success.

Mary Moore


Dear Editor,

The Glenwood Springs Chamber record speaks for itself. The results of the Chamber appear to be stellar over the years. Centered around 20 years with Marianne Virgili and her board of governors, the record has been exemplary toward steady growth of the Glenwood Springs business community. This growth has been the money pump that supplies the tax money that has helped build the river walk, community center, roads and parks of our community.

The lodge tax expenditures and ad placement have been audited yearly by outside auditors for the last three years. The Chamber board, which has one City Council member on it, reviews this report yearly. As with any business, the auditor’s report is the basis of making sure the goals of the business and the accounting is in order. Since this data has been previously reviewed from the Chamber’s perspective, the books and contracts are in order.

The statistics show that visitors to Glenwood are steadily going up. The mission is healthy business growth and to support the 682 members of our Chamber. Since the Chamber negotiated a contract from the city in 1989, the amount of lodge tax taken in by the city has tripled. The local newspaper and City Council should be supporting the efforts of our Chamber. The business leaders, Chamber board, and Marianne do their best for our community.

John Traul, D.D.S.

chairman 1992

Glenwood Springs Chamber

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