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Wanted to vote on the Marketplace

Dear Editor,

It seems not all Americans have the right to vote anymore. I was under the misconception that I could vote simply as a birthright of every American citizen.

Now, you can only vote if you follow rules imposed by the town in which you live. Rules not approved by its citizens; just imposed. As a veteran and a U.S. citizen, I am most upset with this. The woman at Town Hall informed me that I could not vote in the July 15 election because I wasn’t able to vote at the last election. Final. No argument.

How many more of us were denied our right who may have tipped the scales in favor of the Carbondale Marketplace?

It saddens me that the Carbondale Marketplace was not approved, and I am equally happy that I am not a property owner when the taxes will be raised.

I expect the Mothers of Carbondale to be out in force continuing their quest to ensure Carbondale stay small and quaint by causing restrictions to any further building of apartments or housing developments, like the Cerise Ranch project, so to keep new families out.

You can’t stop Carbondale from growing. Everybody’s welcome, but you have to shop in another town. Meanwhile, our poor service people, like teachers, fireman and police, will be over-burdened for inadequate pay and our classrooms will continue to overflow and lack proper supplies.

I guess I’ll continue to take my money to Glenwood and Rifle. It’s a shame, really; I wanted to shop locally.

Erin Thomas


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