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War distasteful but necessary

Dear Editor,

A not-so-small number of valley residents – the Roaring Fork Coalition for Peace – has formed a group intent upon promoting world peace. Doubtless a laudable goal.

But ideology must not dilute pragmatic efforts to eradicate destabilizing forces that resort to mass homicide as political action.

The RFCP in its mission statement pithily says, “Some people believe the incursion into Afghanistan may have been justified.” The E.U., NATO, the nations of Pakistan, Russia . these are not just “some people.” Al-Qaida and its monetary support of the Taliban regime helped to reduce Afghanistan to less than Third World status, and also turn it into a launching pad for terrorism that struck not only the United States. One must not forget the loss of life in Tanzania, Nairobi and the Philippines.

The removal of al-Qaida, violent and distasteful as it is, may now allow for the return of stability to Afghanistan. The loya jirga is set for the month of June, a first step toward a plebiscite, something the country hasn’t seen in a decade. It is the armed forces of the United States and Great Britain that bring the hope of stability and normalcy to a ravaged and abused countryside. We are not there slaughtering innocent people; this accusation by the RFCP is both inaccurate and reprehensible.

With a confusing loss of track the RFCP then interjects its thoughts on energy and environmental policy. Let’s not obscure the issues. The destruction of an organization that murdered more that 2,700 people in less than a day is the pursuit in Middle Asia, not the extension of the administration’s energy policy.

In the contradictory and confounding world of realpolitik solutions are not readily at hand. As the world leader, the United States must chart a course as best as it can, based on fact and attainable outcomes. Ignoring rogue nations and bowing to non-extant International Criminal Courts are chimeras that can only lead to inaction and the continued survival of factions bent on mass murder.

David William Plush

Glenwood Springs

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