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War of the Chickenhawks

Dear Editor,

Observing President-select Bush and crew during their present reign, we see international treaties and agreements on nuclear disarmament, global warming, the rights of children, the rights of women, and international law, reached after years of laborious negotiations among the nations, now summarily tossed aside and rejected as irrelevant to the United States. Provisions in the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts, quickly enacted by a largely supine Congress, for secret trials by secret courts without possibility of appeal, guilt by association, military tribunals, elimination of probable cause as basis for a search warrant, imprisonment for indefinite periods without charge, all combine to render the fundamental provisions of the Bill of Rights null and void for anyone Bush and crew choose to target.

Stone drunk on power, greed and arrogance, ancient afflictions common to those who rule with no sense of limit or restraint, they clearly deem the basic democratic process of discussion, dissent and debate unacceptable. Appointing themselves sole judges, they say the U.S. will attack any nations on earth which they judge a threat, and may use nuclear weapons on a first-strike basis. The plan to dominate the globe with economic and military force to benefit their mega-corporation buddies will fail, perhaps catastrophically, as the planet’s climate, clean water and air, productive topsoil, and forests decline and unravel, matters to which Bush and crew give near zero attention. Do the corporate/government rulers have a “business plan” covering exhaustion of the earth’s basic resources? Silence on these issues will not protect us.

Now the drums of a total war on Iraq are beaten ever louder by the rulers, though clearly the U.S. government has been waging intense war on the people of Iraq for more than a decade with daily overflights and frequent bombings on a country already crippled by the intense bombings of the first Gulf War. International health professionals estimate that more than 500,000 children and another half million adults have died as a direct result of the sanctions and lack of even basic medical care, coupled with a largely ruined water and sanitation system. Cholera, dysentery, typhoid are endemic now. Talk about biological warfare of mass destruction! The southern part of Iraq is littered with toxic radioactive debris of depleted uranium U.S. military munitions, producing numerous illnesses, especially again in children. And from this the U.S. rulers expect to harvest friends and peaceful relationships?

It is interesting to examine the mostly non-existent military records of those rulers and media personalities now beating the drums of war and U.S. global domination most loudly. Hawks now and hawks before at the time of the Vietnam War when they were draft-aged young men, many of them found other matters to occupy themselves rather than entering the military to help fight the war they so fiercely supported. Then, as now, they preferred to wave flags and send other young men to battle. From Mr. Bush – no, he doesn’t get credit for his AWOL performance in the Texas National Guard – to War Secretary Rumsfeld to Attorney General John Ashcroft to radio brain-basher Rush Limbaugh to superhawk Dick Cheney and Prince of Darkness/foreign policy advisor Richard Perle, all found ways to turn their war-fevered patriotism into stay-at-home safety and avoid the jungles, death and carnage of Southeast Asia during the 1960s. A Vietnam veteran, now editor of the New Hampshire Gazette, compiled this record of what he terms “The Chickenhawks.” The long and developing list can be found at their website.

Don’t expect the corporate media lapdogs to reveal these well-kept secrets which the rulers prefer that we not know, any more than they have explored the long Bush family financial connection to the bin Laden family via the merchants of death armaments manufacturing group known as the Carlyle Group, or the longtime care and feeding of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein by the military and CIA not so many years ago. All those trumpets of patriotism and flying flags are meant as distractions, so basic questions and history get ignored. Another world is possible. So can we the people organize ourselves to create it?

Chester McQueary


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