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War with Iraq has already started

Dear Editor,

The Bush administration continues to flaunt claims that it will seek the approval of Congress and the international community before it attacks Iraq, masking the reality of over ten years of continued war and economic sanctions against the Iraqi people.

The constant bombing of Iraq and the widespread suffering of the Iraqi people as a result of continued sanctions are negligently absent in the mainstream media. Over a decade of economic sanctions have prevented the people of Iraq from rebuilding health and water-treatment infrastructure destroyed in the 1991 Gulf War resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens every month.

“No Fly Zones” instituted over southern and northern Iraq to protect the Iraqi people from their own leader have served as an excuse for the British and American militaries to conduct consistent low-level warfare against the Iraqi people.

On nearly a weekly basis innocent Iraqi citizens are killed by bombs paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

Just this Thursday, Sept. 5, 100 American and British aircraft participated in a large planned assault against installations in western Iraq with a high likelihood of civilian casualties. This is the largest military attack against Iraq in over four years and represents an escalation of the ongoing U.S. war against Iraq.

The Bush administration claims that it will consult congress and the American people before it conducts military actions against Iraq even as its lawyers work tirelessly to bend the Constitution in order to give the president the sole authority to wage war. The constant pro-democracy rhetoric of the current administration cannot mask the reality of what is truly happening; the U.S. government has been deceptively carrying out a war against the Iraqi people without the consent of the American people.


Ryan Conrad

Glenwood Springs

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