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War with Iraq may be best possible option

Dear Editor,

I have read with dismay some of the letters printed in your paper pertaining to our possible attack on Iraq. Maybe some of the writers were not around when Hitler was planning on taking over all of Europe. Or maybe they do not have very good memories. Britain and France allowed Hitler to break treaties and did not take any action. Then they agreed to allow Germany to annex part of Czech Bohemia (Sudetenland). Prime Minister Chamberlain came home to Britain and proclaimed that “We have peace in our time.” What came next – Germany took over the entire country. Nothing was done to right this wrong. The French and British government sat on their hands. Only when Germany invaded Poland did these two countries react. A response to any of Germany’s earlier transgressions might have precluded Poland’s demise.

What do we have in Iraq? A dictator, who has killed his own people, started a war with Iran, invaded Kuwait and looted the country. He had rockets fired into Israel which was not a party to the war. After Desert Storm Iraq signed a treaty requiring Iraq to allow UN inspectors to make on-site inspections for weapons. They did not allow the Inspectors to complete the inspections. We have considerable evidence that he was developing weapons of mass destruction which the UN inspectors tried to find. Some evidence was discovered that supports this viewpoint even though the inspectors were not allowed free rein to inspect areas that seemed to hold possible weapon material.

Do we have a dictator in Iraq whom one can trust? Will he try to take Kuwait again? What about Israel? He is a threat to the whole Middle East. Are we the ones who will be sitting on our hands when he makes his next move? I hope not. You might ask what l know about war. I served four years in the army during World War II, receiving a Purple Heart, two Bronze Stars, and five Campaign Stars. I also served during the Korean War, but in the United States and Germany. War is not fun, but sometimes it is the best possible option.

Sincerely yours,

Elmer C. Hunter


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