Watch: Memorial Day flag etiquette |

Watch: Memorial Day flag etiquette

how to raise the flag
Seventh grade Grand Valley Middle School students Brooklynn Mellius and Hannah Shaffer raise the school's U.S. and Colorado flags on Thursday morning.
Natuza Olen / Post Independent

Just in time for Memorial Day, here are some tips on how to properly raise and lower the U.S. flag with Battlement Mesa’s Grand Valley Middle School students, and members of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), Brooklynn Millius and Hannah Shaffer.

Hoisting and Lowering the Flag
  • Always carry the flag respectfully
  • Keep it from touching the ground at all times
  • Raise it before and taller than any other flags
  • Raise the flag quickly and lower it slowly
  • Salute the flag appropriately while being raised and lowered
  • If flying at half staff, raise it to the top then lower it 
  • Display the flag between sunrise and sunset, or make sure it’s illuminated at night
  • Fold the flag correctly before storing it
  • On Memorial Day, fly the flag at half staff until noon, and at full staff from noon to sunset
  • If displaying in a window or on a wall, hang the flag either horizontally or vertically with the union (blue field) to the observer’s upper left
  • If using a wall mount, follow the same etiquette regarding daytime display only, unless illuminated

Special thanks to Grand Valley Middle School Counselor Michelle Paine, and Post Independent readers Linda and Mark Schuemaker, of Glenwood Springs, who suggested this topic via a letter to the editor.

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