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We can be the miracle

Lori Mueller
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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Our 13 year old daughter, Kimberly, read the “Translator” by Daoud Hari at school, a vivid book about the genocide in Darfur, Africa. The book is filled with stories involving miracles about how the author moved among strangers, risking his life as he worked to save others. My husband and I read it right along with our daughter; the content was both difficult and inspiring.

As I was preparing dinner one night, Kimberly wandered into the kitchen and asked if I like the part in the book where Daoud talked about being the miracle to some of the women in a local village, “It was good to be the miracle, and how can you stop doing that?” Daoud wrote. That’s interesting, I thought, I never remember reading that part. I asked her to read me the paragraph and couldn’t imagine how I missed such a striking comment.

Can you imagine being part of the miracle in someone’s life? Indeed we all are. The question then becomes, do we recognize the miracle and the part we played?

Several definitions of a miracle are: A wonder or marvel, an amazing event or action that is extraordinary or unexpected. So how do we move among others and not have amazing experiences? The moment in the kitchen with my daughter who showed me something I otherwise would have skipped over, was itself a small miracle.

Daoud Hari’s ability to see the miracle in the midst of the chaos is inspiring. When our kids break curfew, throw temper tantrums, fight with their siblings or don’t eat their dinner, our challenge as parents is to see the miracle in that. Is there an opportunity for a lesson? And if we learned the lesson could that be a miracle? Would it be a miracle if I saw my part in the chaos instead of pointing to others?

We also pass miraculous moments every day without noticing. This Holiday season my challenge is to notice the miracles. The times when my kids do the right thing, are polite, happy, responsible, get up on time, do their homework or giggle. When my son makes me coffee in the morning, my youngest tucks me into bed at night, our oldest daughter calls from college just to say hi, my drive to work is blissfully uneventful, my mind is clear to make the best decisions at work, my husband kisses me good morning. The list of daily miracles could go on.

At YouthZone we work every day with people who bring us miracles, show us hope and inspire us to do our jobs better. Families are amazing, the stories they bring and the way they open their lives to us is an extraordinary event. We are witnesses to miracles every day. I want to thank those who have entrusted their family to us and for sharing their families’ miracles with us.

Let us all remember that we can be the miracle in other people’s lives and let’s not stop doing that. Happy Holidays!

– Lori Mueller is program director at YouthZone

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