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We don’t need Red Feather

Bob Hadley

Dear Editor,

The people of Colorado voted for the TABOR amendment, and lawmakers have been trying to get it changed ever since. They want to spend more bucks than they take in, but it is still in force and working well. They can’t get it changed.

Now we have a comprehensive plan that some of our City Council wants changed to benefit the Red Feather Ridge bankers. The sudden reversal of vote by some council members makes one wonder if they are serving the town or the Red Feather developers. A 1000-plus-signature petition in opposition, numerous letters and a full house of vocal locals at the meeting caused this to be put to a vote.

Many craftsmen claim residential construction has slowed considerably, and we already have enough houses permitted in the area to last until eternity. Do we really need more?

Red Feather’s massive advertising states five benefits which are a public park, two cemeteries, soccer field, baseball field and trails, but all of them will be built on the side of a hill or in a floodplain. The citizens will be paying for all of these enticements and maintenance.

Are the residents ready for the taxes to cover this? Your vote June 24 will determine this.

Bob Hadley

Glenwood Springs

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