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We need progress rather than status quo

Dear Editor,

In the Post Independent’s Nov. 15 issue, R.T. Moolick expressed thoughts on the letter I wrote Nov. 7 titled “We’re headed to ruin.” He was incorrect in his assumption that I was vilifying our natural resources, but was most accurate in understanding my vilification of the petroleum industry. Fortunately I’ve known for a many a year that propane is commingled with petroleum and natural gas. Since it was formed millions of years ago from the leavings of plants and sea animals, it is also referred to as a fossil fuel.

I certainly enjoyed his sense of humor and even chuckled at his suggestion I sell my car and have my gas and electricity turned off. He reminds me of quite a few folks over in his neck of the woods that can’t see the forest for the trees. I didn’t ask anyone to endure anything, but at the close of my letter I did say, “I believe this is a wake-up call for the average citizen/taxpayer.”

Jeremy Heiman eloquently covered why Colorado should favor renewable energy in his Oct. 4, 2002, letter in this paper. Moolick should read that. We should head in the direction of conservation technologies, wind turbines, and photovoltaic (solar) power like economist Edward U. Ayers suggests. That is progressive thinking.

I’m not always happy with where my government spends the tax money they collect from my earnings, but rather than boycotting I vote for folks concerned about such. My body doesn’t handle the sun very well, but rather than climb into a cave and hide I put on sunscreen and sunglasses so I can play with my grandchildren. I change the things I can.

Progress rather than status quo or retrogression is my attitude. I’ll continue to use the tools available but will strive to improve. Just as we did when we left the horse and buggy and moved on. Our legacy to our children should be an environmentally clean earth. It is our responsibility.

And remember, all the carcinogenic fumes from the gas and methane pad sites west of him cascade through his windows! My position on these concerns is out in the open, just like his. I thank him for his honesty.

Garland Anderson


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