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‘Wedding Crashers’ doesn’t go all the way

Kimberly Nicoletti
Summit County Correspondent

If a movie’s going to be distasteful and immature, it has to go all the way for me to like it. I respect movies that can embarrass me because I stoop low enough to thoroughly enjoy the humor. But I felt no shame with “Wedding Crashers.”

For all the sex in “Wedding Crashers,” it doesn’t score with consistently rude, ridiculous humor. And that leaves it, in my mind, as a mediocre comedy built on an immature premise.

After a long day of mediating divorce cases, John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) crash weddings. They choose a backstory ” say drunken Shamus O’Toole, distant relative of the groom ” and work the crowd, making toasts to the happy couple and creating balloon animals for kids. It’s all an elaborate plan to capitalize on the romantic mood single women fall into at weddings.

They are professionals with rules as numerous as the women they wind up having sex with. But rules don’t always work. After a montage of Indian, Jewish and Italian weddings, John falls for Claire Cleary (Rachel McAdams) and ends up spending the weekend with her rich parents. His cohort, Jeremy, follows the rule of sticking with his buddy and pays dearly with a clingy sex fiend and more than one thing that’s attracted to his rear end.

While Wilson’s his usual cute and subtly funny self and Vaughn lets it all hang out, the predictable romantic plot seems to take center stage. A documentary following Wilson and Vaughn crashing real weddings would have been more entertaining. Instead, we’re left with little character development (including stereotypical “bad fiance” and “party boy” types) and lagging chemistry between Wilson and McAdams.

Even the jokes aren’t played out to their fullest. When sex fiend Gloria Cleary (Isla Fisher) strokes Jeremy under the family dinner table, we don’t see people around the table catch on or react. Directors miss opportunities to draw out the best of what worked in “Meet the Parents” by not making us care if these posers actually get the girl. They miss the best of “American Wedding” by not making us care about the romantic story, not making fun of human weakness and skipping the most over-the-top scenarios. They miss the quirkiness of “Something About Mary” by dropping any quirky characters mid-stream.

Dan almost rolled out of his seat in laughter throughout the movie, but then again, one of his life’s plans involved being a wedding crasher.

He never went all the way with his plan, just as this movie never goes all the way with its humor.

Kimberly Nicoletti is renting “American Pie” and “American Wedding” to make up for her disappointment over “Wedding Crashers.”

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