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Wellness Centers enhance health care options

GLENWOOD SPRINGS – Dr. Dave Jensen of The Valley Wellness Centers believes if we’d treat our bodies the way we treat vehicles – well-maintained vehicles, of course -we’d be much better off.

It’s an analogy both “Dr. Dave,” 33, and his wife Dee, 31, use to describe their approach to wellness. A well-maintained car is not only fed gasoline, but receives scheduled maintenance, even before the vehicle shows signs of disrepair. A healthy car’s tires are checked, the oil is changed regularly and the engine is maintained. That’s why a car that is cared for tends to last longer, look nicer and run better.

It’s the same with the human body, according to the Jensens, only more so.

“We treat the causes of physical problems rather than just the symptoms,” said Dave, 33. “And we look at the whole body, not just one part. It’s all interconnected.”

Dave doesn’t like to use the term “alternative medicine” to describe the centers’ approach to health.

“To me, it’s not alternative medicine versus mainstream medicine,” he said.

“I like the term `complementary medicine.’ We’re not here to challenge medicine as it is. We’re here to give people options to their health care. In fact, we work with many orthopedics and M.D.s. The spectrum of therapy is endless. We combine Eastern and Western techniques to help you achieve maximum health.”

Dave’s background in complementary medicine goes way back. Growing up on a ranch in Texas with parents who believed in chiropractic meant he had his first adjustment when he was just an infant. Currently, he is a board-certified doctor of chiropractic (D.C.), a certified chiropractic sports practitioner (C.C.S.P.), and a certified chiropractic extremity practitioner (C.C.E.P.). He’s also a graduate of the University of Minnesota and worked at the Mayo Clinic’s Minneapolis Research Department for three years.

He graduated from the Parker School of Chiropractic in Dallas, and had a practice in Dallas where he worked with the Dallas Cowboys, the Miami Dolphins and Pro Beach Volleyball organizations before moving to the Roaring Fork Valley and establishing Mid Valley Chiropractic in Basalt in 1996. Since the move, he’s continued his affiliation with top athletes as a member of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, and most recently, with ESPN’s X-Games in Aspen.

Meet the staff of The Valley Wellness Centers – the main office is in Glenwood at 1517 Blake Ave., with two ancillary offices in Basalt and Aspen – and you’ll see all aspects of the human body are addressed. Besides Dave, wife Dee studied pre-med and got her bachelor’s degree from the University of West Florida before becoming the centers’ Pilates-based rehabilitation specialist. She practices Pilates along with the centers’ certified Pilates instructor, Jana Hoffman.

Also on staff is Dr. Hilary Back, a naturopathic physician, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. And there’s licensed acupuncturist David Teitler, who also practices Chinese herbal medicine, and Dr. Jason Slaver, a board-licensed chiropractor.

Four bodywork therapists are also on staff, each with their own specialty. There’s body worker Daniel Gross; Sandra Haber, who practices Swedish relaxation massage and deep tissue work; fitness massage therapist Dave Thompson; and certified massage therapist Danielle Wilson.

So who is a typical patient at The Valley Wellness Centers? The centers’ patients run the gamut, from newborns to centenarians, and from those referred to the centers for physical therapy by their orthopedic doctors to individuals looking to increase their overall health and fitness levels. The centers provide a variety of services, from nutritional counseling to custom-made sport orthotics, from Pilates to Chinese herbal remedies.

With the public’s increased understanding of the centers’ range of services, the Jensens are preparing to expand their facilities again. The couple plans for their Institute of World Integrated Neurocenters to break ground within the year at their current Basalt location.

“IWIN is a nonprofit organization that will integrate Eastern and Western medicine,” said Dave. “Our purpose is to change the dynamics of healthcare by educating individuals.”

Even with the arrival of the new institute, Glenwood Springs will still remain a major hub for the Jensens’ work.

“We’re here to stay,” Dave said.

For more information about The Wellness Centers, call 947-1701 or visit http://www.drdavedc.com.

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