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We’re fortunate to have Dr. Bob

Dear Editor,

I am replying to the letter to the editor by Sue Kellogg because of the inferences and innuendoes directed to the office of Dr. Bob Henry. The statement about the child lying terrified and undoubtedly in some amount of pain and screaming in a room in the back of the office is incredible. I suppose anything is possible, but that certainly doesn’t describe any dental office I have ever been in and unless you know something for sure, I don’t see how comments like this can possibly benefit anyone.

Dr. Bob has the right to set any policy he chooses and the patient has the right to accept it or go somewhere else. I believe most dentists would agree that in most cases the child does much better without the parent in the room. That was certainly my experience when I was seeing a lot of children.

I believe parents need to do their part in making the child’s first visit to the dentist a positive one regardless of any negative feelings they may have. The child is going to pick up on and believe everything the parent feels and says because after all they are adults and parents know everything. Ask the office you are taking your children to how they would like you to prepare the child for their first visit.

I personally am grateful we have someone like Dr. Bob Henry’s knowledge, experience, integrity and compassion treating our children, I know that he has done a lot of charity work and treated others at a reduced fee. There are few professions as stressful as a pedodontist’s, but parents can help considerably depending on their attitude. The community is fortunate to have someone like Dr. Bob Henry.

I think most of us consider ourselves child advocates, but that doesn’t mean it is okay to publicly make irresponsible comments because we don’t agree with someone’s personal policies.


Jim Cummins, D.D.S.

Glenwood Springs

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