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We’re headed to ruin

Dear Editor,

My personal long-term prognosis for Colorado isn’t glowing.

The oil and gas industry has come down on the state like stink on you know what, and it is getting worse. They are destroying local drinking water, polluting the air with major dust and chemicals from their flaring at the gas wells and spills as they scar the lands with their many little roads to all the wells, not counting the pipelines and noisy compressor stations.

The natural habitat and trails are being destroyed. The water they get to use in the name of mineral rights is simply obscene. While Denver is on water rationing (peoples’ investments in their landscapes) these oil and gas folks are using and polluting water by the millions of gallons per day in the interest of their profits.

Property values will decline due to the rape of the land and us little guys will suffer. Many will probably have an upside-down mortgage. That is where you owe more than the appraised value, impossible to sell. Ultimately that will affect the state coffers. Lower property values, lower taxes collected, less services can be provided.

The politicians are allowing sweetheart deals all over the place in the name of profits/ greed. Subdivisions are popping up everywhere with no idea of how they are going to sustain the water required for simple services. There has been talk of paying attention to this, but I don’t see where much has been done to thwart the proliferation of new homes.

There is too much money probably passing hands on the front end with no concern for the tail end of the dilemma. I believe this is a wake-up call for the average citizen/taxpayer.

Garland Anderson

Grass Mesa Road


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