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What do parents thing about change in Re-2 calendar

Dear Editor,

I have been reading the articles on year-round schooling, and I’m wondering – Do parents really want this?

I’d like to know what other parents are going to do for childcare for younger kids in school that can’t be left home alone on vacation days. How do we find childcare for our kids every nine weeks for two weeks, and three weeks at Christmas break? (What are kids gonna do for that break? I see trouble.) Daycares are full already and cannot take extra kids for a few weeks at a time. You can’t just walk in week to week and drop kids off at random. Daycares don’t operate that way. Are the schools gonna offer campus clubs on those weeks and if so, at what cost?

At least in the summer you can plan for 11 weeks of childcare and make it work. Who will watch our kids during these breaks, or will it result in more kids being left home alone unsupervised?

Most families rely on two incomes, and I can’t take off for two weeks at a time to take care of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the teachers, just the calendar they are proposing. I have liked and respected all of the teachers my kids have had. I know they have a tough and important job to do. But the article in Friday’s Post Independent about teachers needing a break from our kids after nine weeks didn’t sit real well. I translated that as they are sick of our kids and can’t handle it.

All of us have jobs where we have to deal with problem people or customers day in and day out. I wish we could say, “OK, I’m tired of dealing with these people. Let’s shut down for a two-week break.” Get real – doesn’t happen!

Also, I would think it would be disruptive to kids’ schedules. I know after the two-week winter break, my kids take a week to get back into their routine of going back to school. And we want to do this every nine weeks? I think more study needs to be done on whether it benefits the kids or not.

So, do parents have a say in this calendar? The committee for this is made up of teachers and school personnel. Are there any actual parents on this committee that get to vote on it? I’d like to shave a survey and see how many parents want this calendar. We should have some say.

Parents – any comments?


Marie Jenson

New Castle

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