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What do you expect from the Broncos this year?

I hate to be pessimistic in August, but there is not much I am excited about when it comes to the Broncos. Lets see: There is a fast, big, talented young receiver who everyone says could be the next T.O., but hes suspended for the first three games because he makes choices as well as Adam Pacman Jones. Then there is the fact that they got rid of Jason Elam, one of the greatest Broncos ever. Rod Smith is gone, John Lynch is gone, the amazing offensive line that produced miracle running back after miracle running back is depleted, no one can stay healthy and the team is run by a quarterback, who really doesnt seem to give a &#^$ about if he plays well or if his team wins. I just hope it is bad enough to force the exile of Shanahan.

Its preseason football time again, which means its time for some predictions. My orange heart that pumps orange blood is feeling a perfect season. Jay Cutler will throw 55 touchdowns and torch Tom Bradys record. The defense will give up only two points the entire season because Shanahan will feel sorry for Beli-Cheat and take a safety during a shellacking of the Patriots on Monday night. Champ Bailey will have 22 interceptions, half of which go for touchdowns. Selvin Young will get his 2,000 yards rushing.The Broncos will defeat the Cowboys in the Super Bowl by 33 points to the anguish of my stepdad, Ed, and my buddy, Luke Braby. Before you dismiss this column as just another homer rant, realize thats what my heart is feeling. My brain predicts a 10-6 or 11-5 season. Cutler will be stellar, but the D will let a couple of games slip by.Of course, with that record, the Broncos will make the playoffs and then run the table. There you have it, my heart and brain are synchronized on the final outcome. Super Bowl champs!

The Broncos went through a lot of adversity last year, before and during the season that can either break a team apart or cause it to band together. If Jay Cutler is as good as Mike Shanahan seems to think he is, this should be the time in his career when flashes of potential turn to consistency. Now that the diabetes is not a surprise, but something to be managed, the way Cutler has faced that challenge may add to his maturity and increase respect from his teammates. The kind of year the Broncos have will rest significantly on Cutlers development, the presence of a running game and coming together of the defense. I think Cutler will meet his coachs expectations and the defense will be good as Meat Loaf said: Two out of three aint bad. Broncos go 10-6, and get to the second round of the playoffs.

Nailing down the diabetes diagnosis should do wonders for Cutler, who didnt fare all that poorly last year despite losing tons of weight and constantly feeling weak. Figuring out to just throw the ball in the general direction of Brandon Marshall and let him drag tacklers all over the field helped matters.I truly feel this will be a huge stepping-stone type of season for the Vandy alum and Santa Claus, Ind., native. It could be worse, Broncos fans: J.T. OSullivan could be your starting quarterback, as will likely be the case with my San Francisco 49ers.J.T. OSullivan!If the Broncos defense can mold into a formidable unit and the offense churns out decent numbers, a flirtation with the playoffs may be in the offing for the Donkeys.Im gonna say 10-6 in a log-jammed AFC playoff race. Not sure that will get them in, though.

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