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What do you think of TBS’ coverage of the MLB playoffs?

TBS is the greatest network in the history of television. In my eyes, they can do no wrong. All they do is broadcast Rockies victories. As of Sunday morning, the Rox have never lost a playoff game when it’s on TBS.

Seriously, though, the fact that we get to watch playoff baseball with the Rockies involved has little bearing on which network is televising it. Lifetime could carry the games and hordes of fans, especially men, would tune in to watch this memorable run.

To truly understand this issue, let’s weigh the pros and cons for TBS.

Pros: Beautiful HD broadcast, no Tim McCarver and the Rockies are undefeated in the playoffs on TBS!!!!!!

Cons: Too many Frank TV promos, Dane Cook trying to talk about baseball and Craig Sager’s suits.

There it is, but if the Rockies happen to lose Sunday or Monday, it defeats most of my argument. Oh well, Rockies playoff baseball is infinitely better than the last 12 years.

Expressing my “opinion of TBS’ coverage of the MLB playoffs,” I’m reminded of Tommy Lasorda’s response to, “What’s your opinion of Kingman’s performance?” after Dave Kingman hit three home runs in a Cubs’ victory over Lasorda’s Dodgers in May 1978.

When Lasorda’s taped response was edited, it included 16 “word bleeps,” which may not be a record, but at least goes down in sports history as a manager’s most honest answer to a reporter’s question, leaving no doubt about his “opinion.”

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the playoffs’ “gamesmanship” tremendously, but watch with sound muted as I do all professional sports ” I’m simply interested in the action on the field and NOT the drivel of the “expert analysts” in the broadcast booth, entertaining themselves and boring viewers with “statistical overload” and sports trivia.

The games are terrific, but like Lasorda, I must respond honestly about the TBS coverage with comments directly related to the “merciless overkill” on two specific obnoxious commercials.

First, I’ll not eat at a (bleep) Sonic Drive In for fear of running into the two (bleep) wimps that seem to share a (bleep) food fetish for or with each other.

Second, I’ll not watch that (bleep) “Frank TV” show because I have already watched, not listened to, his endless (bleep) impersonations. If those (bleep) commercials with his (bleep) antics continue running with the same frequency, no one may be watching his (bleep) season premiere on Nov. 20.

TBS: to be seen only by those with cable packages.

Four score and sumpin’ sumpin’ ago, when we first homesteaded in this valley, we found a piece of ground up the crick (Western Garfield County speak for “creek”) where, with some tinfoil and a coat hanger, the old Grand Junction station would bring in the fuzzy Broncos on Sunday.

We graduated to an outside antenna and finally a little-bitty dish on the roof of the back porch, but I like being married, and since I’m gone almost every Friday and Saturday night during the school year covering ball games, if I purchased those cable packages, that might be all I’d have to come home to …

So, no alphabet-soup sports stations in our neck o’ the woods. Now, XM radio … that’s a different story. I prefer baseball on the radio anyway.

You are asking a person who does not even own a television, but due to my travels I have been able to catch a couple of games. I feel they have done a very good job, and with their experienced staff and years of developing their coverage due to Atlanta Braves games, they have proven that they are up to the task, and in my estimation, they have done just as good as ESPN.

Tonight’s schedule: Home Improvement, Friends and the NLCS?

In today’s media, television is one of the most competitive businesses out there. Every station wants to fight for the rights to show certain shows and events.

This year, TBS got the rights to join FOX and show the wild card and the NLCS games. Sound a little off?

It is at first but after a while you kind of accept it for what it is. What were the first thoughts when TNT started showing the NBA games and playoffs, or even TLC now showing both hockey and NCAA football games?

Until now, TBS was only allowed to show Atlanta Braves games during the regular season due to the station buying the rights to show the Braves. I believe they’ve done a great job both showing and announcing the games and I hope it continues next year.

In case you hadn’t heard, TBS is launching this new show. I think it’s called Frank TV or something like that. It’s by that guy that impersonates John Madden so well.

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