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What does ‘vicious’ mean?

Heather Martin and Myria Smallwood

Dear Editor,

It was very disturbing to me to read the article about the family dog Jenny, who was shot and killed by the New Castle Police Department. This dog had probably become lonely because she was used to having someone at home. Dogs are known to search out stimulation when they get lonely or bored. The consequences she had to pay for this was death. That just doesn’t sound right to me.

I realize all dogs are different, but I have a black lab mix and nothing could possibly make my dog “vicious.” The only think Jenny could have been was scared, and who wouldn’t be? She was taken to places she didn’t recognize by people she didn’t know and had a gun barrel jabbed into her face. When the officer was trying to find something to do with Jenny, did he even try knocking on doors where she was found or call an animal shelter that deals with animals to see if they could help?

I am very puzzled because the same police department a couple years ago shot a goat that suddenly also became “vicious.” One would start to think that the New Castle Police Department might be a little “trigger happy.” These issues do make me think that something else is going on and that this case should be further investigated.

Heather Martin

Myria Smallwood

Glenwood Springs

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