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What is Rifle thinking?

Ross L. Talbott

Dear Editor,

It never ceases to amaze me that people often seem to roll-over and play dead when they should be screaming with outrage. Some things are a little more important than the neighbor’s irritating dog (he said sarcastically).

Consider the fact that there are businesses in Rifle, Silt and New Castle that have been faithfully supporting the town, the school, the Chamber of Commerce, paying their taxes and trying to create that ambiance of small town that makes the community a neat place to live. They also buy houses and vehicles locally and use local tradesmen, develop close relationships with employees and otherwise put money back into the local economy.

Nobody ever gave them tax breaks or any other incentive.

Then along comes a glittering parasite called Super Wal-Mart that wants to suck our resources back to Arkansas.

Maybe it’s more like a bejeweled economic prostitute that has Rifle City Council so enamored that they give special concessions to this stranger, and what for?

Isn’t Main Street suffering enough already? Aren’t there enough cars on the highway? Does Rifle really need all that sales tax at the expense of their neighbors? Do you really envy Denver? Do you feel betrayed?

Happy New Year (he again said sarcastically!)

Ross L. Talbott

New Castle

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