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What is your favorite sports movie and why?

“Happy Gilmore”! “Happy Gilmore” is the best sports movie, hands down, all time!

The GSHS girls golf team talks about this movie all the time. We even use lines from the movie. For example, we use the line when Adam Sandler’s golf ball doesn’t go in the hole and we even tried out Adam Sandler’s hockey approach to driving the ball (doesn’t really work, unless you like divots in your golf course.) If you love to golf, watch “Happy Gilmore” and remember, “It’s all in the hips.”

My favorite sports movie has to be “The Empire Strikes Back” because of its space-age fencing. OK, maybe that one doesn’t count.

As an avid, Sports Guy fan, I agree with Bill Simmons that sports movies have fallen on hard times. There are too many Disney-type cookie cutter films that are essentially the same story. On the other end, there are numerous crude-humor spoofs of movies.

So to choose my favorite film, I have to go back to the previous century. It’s a toss-up between “Hoosiers” and “Major League.” I love basketball and baseball in different ways so it’s difficult to choose.

In the end, “Major League” wins the title. I love the humor, the baseball scenes, Bob Uecker, and Charlie Sheen’s fashion sense. We even had a family dog named after Joboo, the voodoo god, while I was in high school.

So pop in the film, enjoy, and marvel at the Cleveland Indians playing in Milwaukee, just don’t get a haircut like Rick Vaughn.

Growing up there is one kind of movie you can always count on enjoying. Sports movies have been around for a long time, but only a few stand out as the best.

Now what makes a great sports movie you ask? It’s simple, really; a good story, great actors and, of course, heart. Without heart the movie has no meaning, no passion behind it.

That’s why my favorite sports movie has to be “Field of Dreams”. No other sports movie out there tells a story so great yet so simple. “If you build it, he will come” ” those seven words change one man’s life when he goes on a journey to find his father’s hero, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson.

The reason I think it’s the best is because in the end he sees his father, not as the man he last saw who was run down by life, but instead a fresh, younger man he never knew. And to top it off they play a game of catch.

I think that’s why everyone loves it, there are people who would love to see their father one more time and have that final game of catch. That’s what gives the movie heart, and that’s why it is my favorite.

Let me start by narrowing the field down to the top five: “The Natural,” “Field of Dreams,” “Rudy,” “61*” and “Hoosiers.” Two involving baseball mysticism, two based on real people and events (though “Field of Dreams” loosely fits this category), and the ultimate us-against-the-world story. My choice is “Hoosiers”. There are so many classic moments: when coach measures the distance from the floor to the rim; when the town drunk and hoop junky runs the “picket fence,” but mostly because the underdog has his day in the sun, and that’s the fascination of sports.

I’m a great fan of most of the “Rocky” movies (on more than one occasion they have motivated me to get in the weight room), and I really like “Hoosiers” and “Field of Dreams.” However, I’d have to say my favorite is “Miracle”. I grew up during the Cold War era with the Soviets as our enemy, and when the Olympics came I can remember always wanting to see the United States outdo the Soviets in medal count.

The incredible 1980 upset of the Soviets in the Olympics has to rank as one of the greatest upsets in sports history, and the movie “Miracle” captures the drama of that upset extremely well. The movie brings you back to Lake Placid and makes you feel as if you’re there once again, chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A …” Each time I watch it my heart swells with pride for my country.

“Gridiron Gang” was the best sports movie that I have seen, simply because it is WAS most “most meaningful.” This is based on a true story depicting the Mustang football team of Camp Kilpatrick ” a most “notorious” Los Angeles County Juvenile Detention Center.

Since I was in the Los Angeles area at the time, the movie prompted me to contact the Camp Director, Craig Levy, who invited me to attend a midweek Mustang practice. What and experience!

Touring the facility and observing practice, I learned how the director and his dedicated staff of parole officers “turn around the lives” of tough kids by providing challenges that foster self-worth and respect. These detainees are young “hardened criminals” from family/neighborhood environments providing little or no opportunities to succeed. It’s a life’s lesson especially for kids on the outside who have every chance to succeed!

Spirited play and good sportsmanship characterized the practice. Both JV and varsity teams play schedules against highly competitive local high schools.

The movie stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the coach and portrays a fairly accurate picture, except a gunfire scene which was typical, unnecessary Hollywood hype. I actually attended two games ” one in which the JVs won, 20-0, and the varsity won, 34-13, against Golden Valley HS with Mustangs “star” running back gaining 224 yards on 25 carries with two touchdown and two interceptions, placing him third among the top performers in the whole San Fernando Valley that week end.

The Camp Kilpatrick Mustangs are a unique bunch of young thugs who are provided means through a sports program to turn their lives around and achieve self worth. It is a sports movie that’s quite different than others.

For the best sports movies, you have to go back a few years. It’s hard to make a decision on just one, especially since funny sports movies and serious sports movies are so different. When it comes to funny, for some reason golf comes in at the top. Maybe because it is the sport that is so defeating, you have to have a sense of humor about it. “Caddyshack,” “Tin Cup” and “Happy Gilmore” are about as good as it gets. Also up there with comedies is “Major League.”

When it comes to serious sports movies, it’s all about baseball, as the three best are “Field of Dreams,” “A League of Their Own” and “The Natural.”

I also love classics like “The Sandlot,” “Mr. Baseball” and even though I feel like no one else even saw “The Legend of Bagger Vance,” I loved it.

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