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What to do when life gives you lemons

Nicole Loschke

Some profound, knowledgeable, ancient person once said, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”Why then, more times than not, does society find itself sitting around thinking about the consequences of making lemonade, contemplating the quality of the lemons, thinking that there may be better lemons out in the world, whether they really would enjoy lemonade, if they will have time to enjoy it, and many other idiotic thoughts, instead of just making the blasted lemonade? Because of society’s inner motive to teach one to adapt to crazy unknown things as the “real world,” we often forget the possibilities that the lemon quality could be delightful, that lemonade would quench your thirst at that given time, and if the lemonade proves to be of high quality, a person would probably make time for it.Being a senior at Grand Valley High, one notices the changes that occur as you develop through your years. Going from a carefree adolescent to one that resembles the one or two frantic adults running mad around their house trying to figure out where the crazed epileptic dog wandered off to. (These unheard-of, crazy figures being a typical teenager’s parents.)Taking all of this into account, the question still surfaces of when does one change scenes from skipping around, throwing handfuls of mud at each other, with no worries, to becoming one that enforces the pedal-to-the-metal concept around town, throwing a well-known finger to anyone who happens to be going anywhere near the speed limit? What causes this change and why does it occur?”When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” This simple yet intense quote could quite possibly be the answer to all the universe’s problems and my remaining questions. When life throws the finger your way, because life today does not resemble a happy, skipping child, why not take that finger and make something good out of it. What, I do not know, perhaps some nice finger sandwiches? The point being that lemons are sour when they are just lemons, but by making lemonade one takes a sour fruit and creates a sweet, satisfying juice.With all this in mind my objective is to make apparent the pressure society, mainly the crazed frantic society, is putting on others. Yes, the “real world” may be existent, however it does not require all the fret and worry that was taught to society, through example, to take part in. Next time life throws lemons at you, even if the lemon nails you in the head and knocks you unconscious, when you wake up take the pain-inflicting villains and squeeze the juice out of them; not only will you have your enjoyable nourishing lemonade, but a little vengeance was obtained as well.Nicole Loschke is a senior at Grand Valley High School in Parachute. Her column will appear the first Tuesday of every month.Nicole Loschke is a senior at Grand Valley High School in Parachute. Her column will appear the first Tuesday of every month.

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