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What to know before you toke

Matthew Bennett
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Never set a foot inside a recreational dispensary? Don’t worry. Be happy: Colorado’s bud tenders will gladly assist you on your spiritual journey.

There’s a lot to take in on your first visit. Pause and breathe in the smells. Appreciate the paraphernalia and the abundance of goodies, including an assortment of flower and edibles. Dispensaries possess pot in numbers that, in some states, would practically carry with it a life sentence. Take it all in, but whatever you do, don’t take it to another state.

A bud tender will greet you and ask for your identification. Some will hold onto your ID until your purchase is final. That’s not cause for concern; it’s standard practice to verify your age, and your information isn’t going to the feds. The bud tender will, however, take the time to answer your questions. A common inquiry: What’s the difference in consuming an edible and smoking flower?

“With an edible, the rule of the game that we kind of tell people is slow and steady, instead of just going right out of the gate and eating a bunch of them,” said Doctors Garden Dispensary Manager Mike Friend.

If you prefer to smoke, the bud tender can guide you to the type of high you hope to experience. Strains are classified as sativa, indica or hybrid. Sativa strains are more mentally and physically uplifting, and indica helps you relax. As the name suggests, hybrids blend those effects.

“My favorite is the sour diesel. It’s a good traditional strain that’s got good uplifting characteristics to it,” Friend said. “It’s a pretty heavy-hitting sativa. I like the aroma and just the general effects of it.”

Maybe you’re a Lucky Charms type of guy or a Girl Scout Cookies type of gal. Whatever the case, once you find a strain you love, smoke responsibly.

“Don’t ask for more than your legal limit. You’re allowed to have an ounce basically per person per day,” Friend said.

That’s likely more than a new smoker would need. A gram or an eighth (3.5 grams) is likely a more appropriate quantity for a new user.

A final word of advice: Bud tenders should be treated much like a restaurant server. They’re there to make your experience smoother, and you should tip accordingly. ☼

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