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What was the most interesting or your favorite part of the Clemens and McNamee Capitol Hill saga?

The most interesting aspect about the Clemens and McNamee hearings last week was the fact they were even held in the first place. If you are a superstar pitcher, armed with a crack team of lawyers, then you can get congressmen to take time out of their day to listen to you bicker.

Our country has scores of problems more important than the Rocket trying to act tough and clear his name. Congress wasted our tax money on a meaningless baseball hearing when they could have focused on the war, the economy, individual rights, global warming, penguin cloning, Jedi Academy construction, or the disappearance of Crystal Pepsi inquiry.

All of these would have been more productive.

The only explanation for the hearing with Clemens and his Andy Dick look-a-like counterpart is that congressmen naturally gravitate towards their own kind, liars.

That’s why, if I’m elected president in 2016, the government will no longer waste money like this. Remember: “PH is Balanced.”

The words “interesting” or “favorite” certainly don’t apply to anything about the Clemens hearing. However, there were a couple of observations that made an impression on me.

The most disappointing part was congressmen not being able to make up their own minds about anything: that they would support one side or the other along party lines is absolutely disgusting.

“Oh, I’m a Democrat, and I have to stick up for the little guy, the downtrodden, so I’ll attack Clemens.”

“How can they criticize a great American (Republican) hero like Roger Clemens! Can I have your autograph, sir? Oh, no. Not for me, for my grandson.”

The most unbelievable part (aside from Congress getting involved at all ” why didn’t they investigate some minor leaguer who denied using? Oh, right … because that wouldn’t get televised!) was Clemens saying he never heard of HGH until a few months ago, yet admitting he allowed this “trainer” to inject his wife with the stuff several years ago.

“Oh, honey, we’re going to be in the SI swimsuit edition ” why don’t you go to that new HGH Tanning Salon Brian says he’s opened?”

My favorite part? That I will forever strive to find clever uses for the word misremember.

You know, like how Andy Pettitte misremembered his famed conversation with Roger Clemens about HGH.

It’s gonna be great.

Like: “Gee, officer, I think I just misremembered the speed limit.”

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