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What would you do with the Stanley Cup if you could have it for one day?

The Stanley Cup is the most storied and abused trophies in sports. Stories about the cup being lost, and even dogs chowing down from it, have come out since every winning player gets to spend one day with it.If I got the chance to spend a day with it, which would take an act of God since I’m terrible on ice skates, I’d first take it to my old stomping grounds, Apple Tree Park. There, we’d have a battle royale between current and former residents for the cup. The competitions would include: basketball, volleyball, baseball, football (hoodball), golf, a BMX bike race, wallball, pickle and any other game we made up.Points would be awarded for these classic games once played in Apple Tree. The winner would win the cup and immediately chug Mountain Dew from it, which was the drink of choice in the ATP. I might lose the competition, but it would be worth it to relive some of the fun with my old friends who called Apple Tree Park home.

“Ollie, ‘ave you seen my cup?””Your what? Your pup? I didn’t know you had a dog.””No, Ollie. My cup. It’s tea time, and I need my cup.””Let me see. No, Stanley, I don’t see your cup.””Ollie! I KNOW you have it. What have you done with my cup?””You mean that big silver thing with the huge handles?””Ollie … “”Well, I was raking the leaves and needed something to put them in … “”You put leaves in my cup?””Ah, well … I didn’t just PUT them in it.””Ollie! What have you done with my cup?””Well, uh … I … “”Ollie, please don’t tell me that smoke I smelled … “”Now, Stanley … “”YOU … BURNED … LEAVES … IN … MY … CUP … The Stanley Family Cup!””But Stanley, I saw leaves in it just the other day.””Those were TEA leaves, you nitwit!””So sorry, Stanley. Could you maybe put two lumps of sugar in your cuppa instead of one?”

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