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What’s rude to one voter is worthy of praise to the next

Dear Editor,This is my answer to Mr. Eaton’s letter to the editor of Feb. 17.I, for one, want to CONGRATULATE Carbondale’s mayor and trustees for standing up for what they think is in the best interest of the town of Carbondale. I was so glad that Mayor Vanderhurst finally spoke his piece and pretty much said what a lot of us, except Mountain Folks for Global Justice, were thinking. I was very proud of the way Mayor Vanderhurst handled the situation, which in my estimation had gone on for a year too long.As far as “putrid politics” in Carbondale, I am sorry, but I think Mayor Vanderhurst spoke for a lot more of the population of Carbondale than did the Mountain Folks. If you think the politics are so bad in Carbondale, why don’t you run for the town board and just spend a couple of years and many, many hours trying to please the public? This is the most thankless, and as Susie Darrow would say, “gut wrenching” job there is and I think this board, which was elected by the public and entrusted to make our decisions, has done a great job. As far as the Planning and Zoning vote approving the Mountain Folks amendment, I was there and it was quite a discussion. It could have easily gone either way, but it was also a 4-3 vote and I definitely felt that the P&Z was just trying to get rid of it and give it to the board of trustees so they could make the final decision.It’s funny that you commented on Mayor Vanderhurst and Trustee Montoya’s attitude, as I came away from that P&Z meeting with the distinct feeling that Mr. Schultz and the Mountain Folks didn’t think the P&Z or the Board of Trustees were mentally capable of making critical decisions for the town and that Mountain Folk’s brain trusts just had to step in and take over. I beg your pardon!As I said, I am very proud of our mayor and Board of Trustees. I hope they keep standing up for what they think is right and never let something like this get so far out of hand the next time. I think they do a terrific job for the majority of the population of Carbondale.I am also glad the election is coming up so I can vote for them again.If it needs to be brought to the vote of the people, so be it!Joan CheneyCarbondale

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