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When showing your home

Sameer Panjwani

Here are some of the reasons why buyers may be put off when visiting your home.

As has often been said, the first impression is the most lasting. It is as important, if not more, for your house to look good from the outside as it is to look from the inside. A prospective buyer wouldnt be too impressed with an unkempt yard, unpainted exteriors or a chipped off front door. Get everything in order and in a position to show before putting your house on the market.

Cigarettes, pets and whatever else that may have your home smell in an unpleasant manner should be, at best, avoided. Although, it doesnt mean that you spray perfume all over. A clean and fresh atmosphere is what is required.

Some buyers may not appreciate seeing pets at home. Some may be frightened or some may be irritated. You wouldnt want your pets to be the cause of their distraction. Get your pets away while the buyers are there and let them see your house with nothing coming in the way.

The heading says it all. You should know what needs to be done.

Dark homes are a turnoff to most home buyers. Install additional light fixtures, if required. Draw open the drapes when the buyers come over. And do whatever it takes, to make your home seem more bright and welcoming.

Dampness or damp smells in the basement may cause your buyer to think that the basement leaks even if it doesn’t truly leak. Fix any leaks, if at all and ensure that whatever the source of the dampness, it be dealt with. It may be caused by rainwater or the underground drains being blocked. Have it checked.

Leave the house during showings or stay away from the buyers while they go through your home. They may feel awkward about opening closet doors and taking a really good look at the house if you move around with them all over the house.Sameer S Panjwani is the CEO and Founder of http://www.choiceofhomes.com a real estate portal for home buying, home selling and home renting. The Web site is a useful resource of home listings, articles and information related to real estate.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com

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