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Which MLB team is best tooled to win it all?

Baseball’s non-waivers trade deadline passed last week with a few big names switching cities. What team do you think is in the best post-trade deadline position to win the World Series?

I don’t really believe middle-of-the-season trades have that much effect on the outcome of a season. Occasionally teams are improved through the trades, but more often the teams that stand pat with the guys they already had end up being the ones that make the playoffs and reach the World Series.

With that said, the best team is the Los Angeles Angels. However, that doesn’t mean they will win the World Series.

In baseball, the best team often does not go on to win the World Series. Just look at the number of wild-card teams that have won the World Series. Those were teams that couldn’t even win their own divisions.

So if the Angels don’t win it, look for a wild-card team like St. Louis or Milwaukee or Minnesota.

I have to admit, though, I’d love to see Tampa win it all to show everyone how you can build a winner by building great players through your own system instead of having to go out to buy a championship team.

The trading deadline passed last week with significant moves made by the contenders. Big names like Manny Ramirez and Ken Griffey Jr. changed teams. With Ramirez, will this lead to a new curse for the Sox?

However, the most significant move was the Angels getting Mark Teixeira from the Braves. This move solidified their offense and made the best team in baseball even better. The trade easily makes the Halos the current favorite in the American League.

The National League is trickier with no truly dominant team. The Cubs look great after getting Harden, but the Rockies proved last year that anything can happen.

Inspired by the Rocks’ great run last year and management not trading Holliday or Fuentes, I predict the Rockies will repeat as NL champs.

It’s time for a sequel to Rocktober.

Of course, I just jinxed the team. DOH!!!

I predict that the Los Angeles Angels will win this year’s World Series over the Arizona Diamondbacks, four games to two.

The Angels have great team balance and have been playing consistently all season with one of the best home-field winning records.

Who’s in the best position to win the World Series?

Even without their trade for Teixeira, the Angels of Whatever Freeway they happen to be riding upon have the best record in baseball, one of the best closers, a manager who seems to be able to get the most out of his players, and a stud-muffin starting staff. They don’t hit much, but still score runs, so the addition of the Big Bopper from Atlanta should really help in that department.

So why won’t they win?

They just don’t seem to be able to beat the Red Sox (well, except for their recent sweep in Boston ” will that extend to the playoffs, sans Manny??) … and maybe, just maybe, some upstart National League team (could it possibly be the Cubbies’ year of destiny?) might run through the playoffs the way the NFL Giants did.

For some reason, the best teams rarely seem to make it through the playoffs in baseball. If the D-backs get into the playoffs, Haren and Webb could do for them what Johnson and Schilling did in 2001 … So, it should be the Angels, but I’m guessing it’ll be a team no one expects.

Can the Rockies get on a roll again? Could happen.

Whoops! Mulligan! I avoided mentioning the Dodgers (trying to be unbiased) and then, as I’m sitting at DIA awaiting the CME van, Ron Milhorn calls on the Dodger hot line: Bums get Manny … dreadlocks in LA …

Could it be a Freeway Series? Dream on, dream on, Teenage Queen.

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