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Who are the pro-Red Feather advertisers?

Steve Smith

Dear Editor,

Who are the “Glenwood Springs Neighbors for Responsible Planning”?

This group recently published a series of advertisements in the Post Independent, touting the virtues of the proposed Red Feather Ridge development south of Glenwood Springs, but without clearly explaining who they are.

If this group is a genuine and spontaneous civic gathering of citizens, we should learn more about who they are, what their larger purpose is, and how they can afford so many expensive newspaper ads.

If, on the other hand, this is merely a front for the Red Feather developers and is funded by them, those developers should come clean and print their own corporate name on such ads.

While I agree that the version of Red Feather Ridge proposed for inclusion in the city of Glenwood Springs is better than the version proposed to Garfield County, I also believe that proponents in the debate over this land should be open, complete, and honest in their presentations.


Steve Smith

Glenwood Springs

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