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Who is to blame in the Lane Kiffin-Al Davis fiasco?

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Hmmm, let me think. Um, I would have to go with Al Davis.

Kiffin might have been dumb for signing on with the Raiders, but everything that is wrong with that team is because of Davis. I hope he lives forever and continues to jack up the team with crazy deals and a new coach every 20 games.

I hope Kiffin goes to the Chiefs or Chargers and gets to kick the Raiders’ a** and becomes Mike Shanahan Jr. Just as long as he’s only good enough to beat the Raiders and not the Broncos.

Al Davis, a real-life zombie or vampire, is the greatest thing for the Raiders, if you are a Broncos fan.

Davis is a flat-out liar and is great a finding great young coaches. Too bad he fires them and they go onto greatness elsewhere.

Lane Kiffin had to wear garlic and crosses to work with Davis. Luckily for him, the Crypt Keeper released him from one of the levels of purgatory that is known as Oakland.

I always found it humorous that it was free to cross the Bay Bridge to Oakland, but coming back to San Francisco required a toll.

Davis is too meddling and out of touch to produce a consistent winning team with the Raiders.

Mike Shanahan’s hatred of him will continue to fester and enable the Broncos to maintain their dominance.

He hates Davis so much that he once ordered Elvis Grbac to throw a ball at him during pregame. The ball narrowly missed Davis, who dove out of the way.

He in turn told Shanahan he was No. 1 in a rather naughty way. I think that was the last time Davis was right: Shanahan is No. 1.

I’ve decided to be honest. I don’t really know what the Al Davis-Lane Kiffin “fiasco” is.

In fact, I didn’t know about the Al Davis-Lane Kiffin “fiasco” until Jeff Caspersen e-mailed this question to me.

I do, however, know the cause of the “fiasco” ” the Raiders are terrible. I guarantee you that if the Raiders were winning games, this “fiasco” would not have happened.

Seriously, what other causes could there be?

The Oakland Raiders win like Paris Hilton eats. It rarely ever happens, but when it does, it’s not that exciting.

Besides, they beat the Chiefs. The Chiefs couldn’t beat the Cubs in the World Series. (They can, however, beat the Broncos.)

How can there be any other cause? Trick question. There can’t.

The Al Davis-Lane Kiffin fiasco? Let’s see: The ancient one in the white Elvis jump suit hires the young guy with no professional coaching experience.

Kiffin was riding the wave of success as offensive coordinator at USC. … Davis won a Super Bowl when the Raiders were in L.A. … So the old guy tried to connect the rhinestones, errr … the dots.

But as the King sang in one of his less-than-classic movies: “There’s no room to rhumba in a sports car!”

What college assistant wouldn’t take the leap if offered a top spot at the football pinnacle? Too bad for Kiffin the Raiders had “jumped the shark” a decade ago.

Blame goes to His Excellency.

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