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Who will make the NBA Finals?

Pau, pau ooh mao mao! Pau, pau ooh mao mao!

Thanks to the extra petrol from Gasol, the Lake Show rides the triangle to the finals, where they’ll meet …

Well, in the Kobe-Shaq daze there was a new bum o’ the east every year. Gotta be rootin’ for the Celts to make it in an ’80s dejà vu matchup.

The Lakers’ 2004 superstar combo with Diesel, the Kobster, Malone the Mailman, and Gary the Glove just didn’t jell, but the Ghost of Converse Past seems to be holding Boston together for KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

So, “the jello’s jigglin’, the butter’s gettin’ hard, and the eggs are coolin'” ” with much regard to Chickie Baby (the late, great Chick Hearn, Lakers’ only L.A. broadcaster until he left to announce the one-on-one games between Peter and Jesus: “Woh baby, Peter rejects Jesus for the third time!”) ” everyone wants to see Boston-L.A.

Boston will make the Finals for the east. Hands down, no question, whatever.

The way Detroit is playing, they won’t be a factor. The way Boston is playing now, they have a good chance of winning the whole thing. It’s not just Boston’s offense, or the big three, it’s that their defense that is unstoppable.

Also, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen or Kevin Garnett can have a slow night and the other two will pick up the slack. Their offense can also be in a slump and the game can still be a blowout.

The west is a bit tricky, though. I think that the Spurs are too experienced for anybody in the west to contend with. Even the two players on the end of the bench, Robert Horry and Brent Barry, have loads of playoff experience.

Go Hornets!

New Orleans is off to a great start, led by an “average sized, young guy” in a sport dominated by “giant veterans.”

Twenty-two-year-old Chris Paul, at 6 feet and 175 pounds, is demonstrating in the playoffs, as he has all year, that he is truly unique! It is a rarity for a team’s leading scorer to also be leading the league in assists, and at the same time performing at point guard as the “quarterback” of the Hornets basketball team.

Unlike other “NBA superstars,” Chris wont have to do it all by himself because New Orleans has a couple of “big men” who capitalize on his deception and ability to get them the ball.

For the Hornets to prevail, David West and Peja Stojakovic will both have to continue to contribute with their scoring and rebounding! Hornet basketball is TEAMWORK!

As a side note, during my recent visit to New Orleans, I observed firsthand the tremendously positive impact that this team has had on the city. They deserve a championship.

The NBA playoffs have been very eventful so far.

The Cavs and Wizards series is in full swing again with hard hits and harsh words. And New Orleans is beating up Dallas.

But who will make the finals? None of those teams.

From the east, it will be none other than the Boston Celtics. Believe me, if there were anyone else who had a chance I’d say good luck to them. But the fact of the matter is the Celtics, led by the Boston Three Party (Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen), are the best in the East.

For the west, it would have to be the L.A. Lakers. Finally, they have the pieces once again to be a championship-caliber team, and Kobe is happy. These playoffs will definitely be interesting to watch.

I actually pulled up a bracket on the ole’ Internet machine and researched this one.

Throughout the NBA season, I’ve contended that the Jazz and Celtics would make the NBA Finals. And, like George W., I’m staying the course.

The Jazz have the answer to Lakers’ stud frontliner Pao Gasol, and his name is Carlos Boozer. Oh, and there’s this little guy named Deron Williams who’s lighting up the league. That should get them past L.A. in the second round and to the Western Conference Finals against ” and I’m hoping and praying for this ” the Hornets.

How great would it be for the Association to have a Deron Williams-Chris Paul showdown? Them’s two of the brightest young stars the NBA has to offer.

Over on the right coast, I’m assuming the Celtics have the firepower to hold off Cleveland in the second round. LeBron will certainly have something to say about that, though.

Honestly, I’d love to see a Philly-Boston Eastern Conference Finals, though the Pistons’ battle-tested ways might do in the upstart Sixers in what’s been an intriguing first-round clash.

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