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Who would you say is the Rockies’ postseason MVP so far?

Being lucky enough to attend one of the postseason games I have been totally impressed with Troy Tulowitzki. He has been an asset not only defensively with some acrobatic moves for outs, but also with the bat.

For a young man he is playing with the attitude and skills of a much-seasoned professional. If I am lucky enough to score some World Series tickets I know he will amaze us with his talents on the field. If I am watching from home, at least I can watch the replays. Go Rockies!!

I would have to say, without question, Matt Holliday deserves MVP. He has been able to deliver home runs when the Rockies need them and has played solid defense. If you look at his batting stats compared to the rest of the team during the postseason, he really did a great job ” four home runs, seven RBIs and eight hits. I would have to say hands down Matt Holliday deserves MVP.

I can’t pick one player as the most valuable postseason player because this win streak has truly been a team effort. Each game it seems to be a different guy stepping up.

The entire pitching staff has been incredible from the starters to the middle relievers, and the closers. All of them have been overachievers for the last month.

To win as much as the Rockies are winning right now it takes everyone on the team picking each other up and doing what it takes to get a win.

That’s what is happening right now.

The Rockies’ postseason MVP has to be Sweep D. Broom. And there are 25 guys with a hand on it ” 26 if you count manager Clint Hurdle, who’s made more right moves than a dyslexic Indy 500 driver.

Individually, you can’t go wrong with Kaz Matsui … or how about the collective bullpen? Especially the resurrected Brian Fuentes.

I went to a lot of Rockies games this summer and never once saw Sam Spade … or whatever his name is (OK, Seth Smith), the guy who had the clutch pinch hit … Yorvit Torrealba? Josh Fogg? Take your pick.

A team doesn’t win seven straight playoff games, (8 if you count the incredible Padre play-in) ” not to mention the phenomenal run to get in position to make the postseason ” without contributions from everyone. No one guy gets hot enough to carry a team on a streak like this, so my vote goes to that Broom guy.

My selection probably won’t “hold up” under statistical analysis or a poll of sports writers, but as a former pitcher, I’VE always held catchers in high esteem. Therefore, my vote goes to Yorvit Torrealba; not just for “clutch homers” ” one against San Diego in the tiebreaker game, clinching the Rockies’ postseason, or the game winner in the sixth inning of game three against Arizona.

Actually, he’s my choice for the many things he does. Great performances by the staff prove how well he works with all the pitchers. His well-timed walks to the mound produce calming, desired results.

What a positive attitude, what a great “team player!” His bursts of enthusiasm and his terrific sense of humor are contagious and have positive effects on his teammates, and the fans!!

Nothing documents these attributes better than quotes from a postgame interview back on Oct. 6. Here’s what he had to say, as only he could say it:

“Well, obviously I just got here last year but I can see that from all those guys, I mean, they’re really close.

They try to help one another, help each other and they are comfortable and feel like basically I get here last year and they treat me so good. They just a bunch of nice guys. We have good people in that clubhouse and it’s amazing.

“Overall, we have a good, offensive ball club. The attitude was the same, keep us in the game and we know we’re going to score.”

MVP: Most Victorious Postseason.

The team that was thought to be down and out at the beginning of September, is now four wins away from winning the World Series. With the Phillies and Diamondbacks looking at October and wondering what happened, who should be named MVP so far in the postseason for the Rockies?

Todd Helton and even rookie sensation Troy Tulowitzki come to mind at first thoughts. But to name just one person the MVP wouldn’t do this team justice. If it wasn’t for the whole team they wouldn’t be in the position they are today.

When you think of MVP, include Willy Taveras, Kaz Matsui, Mark Redman, and Matt Holliday. So, in my mind, there isn’t just one person I can think of for the postseason valuable player, it’s the whole team.

Wednesday will be the first game ever for the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. It has been a wild ride to get there, but winning 21 out of 22 makes almost anything possible, except naming a MVP for the team.

Seemingly every member of the Rockies contributed down the stretch and in the playoffs. The obvious choice is Matt Holliday as he has a great shot at being the NL MVP.

Troy Tulowitzki leads the team in the field and the clubhouse as a rookie. He was also voted the team MVP on the Denverpost.com fan poll.

Todd Helton is the heart of the team, but his offensive numbers have dwindled in past seasons.

It’s hard to give a starting pitcher the MVP award as they only play every five games. Manny Corpas dominated at the closer spot, but he only pitches one inning a night.

The fans don’t even deserve the award as most had given up on this team a long time ago. They have come back in a strong showing during the streak however.

So, by the process of elimination, the MVP of the 2007 Rockies is Dinger the mascot. He is the only fan to not waver support for the team. Even though I once got in a water fight with him, he deserves the award because it is too hard to pick from a truly team-centered group.

I pick San Diego Padres closer Trevor Hoffman. If it weren’t for him uncharacteristically freezing up in the clutch, the Rockies wouldn’t be where they are today. We’re talking about perhaps the best closer in recent history. Injuries have forced this guy to reinvent his pitching style, and he’s still downright dominant. I’m not sure how the Rockies rallied off him in that play-in game.

But, seriously, if I had to pick actual MVPs who are actually Rockies, give me Yorvit Torrealba, Matt Herges, first-base coach Glenallen Hill and LaTroy Hawkins. They are all former San Francisco Giants who’ve permitted me to root for the Rockies in the postseason unconflicted.

Good arguments could be made for any number of guys, but I think I would give my vote to Kaz Matsui. The guy filled in brilliantly as a leadoff hitter, then continued to get on base from the No. 2 spot when Willy Taveras came back.

He is a great base runner and fielder. I think he is the most well-rounded player on the team. If Matsui can keep it up, I think he should be the postseason/World Series MVP. Then Matt Holliday should be the regular season MVP and Troy Tulowitzki should be the Rookie of the Year. Those awards combined with the World Series trophy will mean a lot of shiny hardware for the Rockies, who will need to construct some sort of trophy case at Coors Field.

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