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Who’s really evil?

Dear Editor,

Francine Douglas Singleton, in her Feb. 21 letter “If Saddam complies, there will be no war,” mentions the many towns who are sending the declarations of peace to President Bush. Unfortunately, she misses the point of these resolutions.

We are suffering some of the worst economic woes in many years. A president is supposed to represent his country, and so far all we have seen is a single-minded determination to take Saddam out whatever it costs. We are looking at federal and state budgets deep in the red, social services being cut, personal finances and the stock market dwindling, and no end in sight.

So what’s that president doing for us? We can’t see anything except promises of larger deficits to come if he gets his budget package passed. He’s set out to rape our land with gas drilling (ask those ranchers in Rulison how they like it). He wants to send our sons and daughters to a foreign country to be killed for a vague ideal against “evil.”

To me true evil is someone like Saddam, yes. If developing and using Weapons of Mass Destruction are evil, then I would like you to ask yourself who else in the world possesses WMD’s? Why, we do! Which country was the only one to actually use an atomic bomb to kill other humans in a war? Why, it was us! A terrible thing to do to two cities of innocent people, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet I hear Americans all over these days exclaim “Nuke `em!”

Now who is evil?

Gay E. Moore

Glenwood Springs

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