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Why didn’t GSPI cover Barsamian speech?

Sarah Stokes

Dear Editor,

The same evening as the rally for troops at the courthouse, David Barsamian spoke at the Feral Cafe about the war. It was an amazing speech, and I was extremely disappointed that there was no coverage by our local newspaper.

I was at the courthouse and knew right away it would make front page of the paper. It was very sad to see that our local paper that is supposed to be neutral as far as what is covered in our paper didn’t even show up to hear him speak. Maybe nobody told you about it, but somehow you found out about the rally at the courthouse.

I believe it is your job to know of local events in our city. We all were extremely lucky to have David speaking in our town.

I was honored to be there and to meet him; it was very inspirational.

I would hope in the future that you would be more considerate to the city as a whole, not just those that are on one side or the other, but to all whether they agree or disagree with what is going on in our city, it should still get coverage in our newspaper.

I thank you for your time and hope that in the future we will see you.

Sarah Stokes

Glenwood Springs

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