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Why McInnis opposes international court

Dear Editor,A recent letter from Jesse Porter questioned my opposition to the new International Criminal Court (ICC). It’s simple! This is a world court which, unlike U.S. courts that focus on individual rights and a constitution, emphasizes strong central authority. This world court is not built upon a constitution or bill of rights. You, as a U.S. citizen, have no rights to freedom of speech – NONE. And this world court has jurisdiction over you and your elected officials. Easy to oppose? Yes!I have serious concerns about the role the ICC would play as it immediately asserts jurisdiction over citizens of states that have not ratified the treaty. By endorsing the ICC, the United States, in effect, turns over its constitutionally guaranteed judicial system to an unaccountable, politically driven international court. The following outlines the most apparent flaws with the ICC that threaten our constitutional protections.-The issue is how much sovereignty and individual liberty are Americans willing to yield to a politically unaccountable globally chosen court that is not bound by a constitution. I cannot support an international entity that forces the United States to compromise its sovereignty and the Constitutional rights of all Americans to an inherently flawed court that allows for exploitation and politically motivated prosecutions.-The ICC is built upon a foundation that values strong central authority and not the individual rights that have defined the United States. The ICC does not guarantee due process, First Amendment protections on rights to free speech, a trial by jury, or individual rights and their protection through checks and balances.-The concern is not what actions the United States has taken, but the authority and platform this court provides to other countries that oppose or do not agree with the United States and who will use the ICC to further their own political agendas. The ICC is a politically motivated body subject to international manipulation to achieve desired results. America’s democratic standards should not be subjected to the agendas of large and powerful authoritarian nations.-The ICC lacks any right of appeal, which is a bedrock of American justice. The ICC’s decision is final and binding and answers to no one. -What about our peacekeepers? Do you really want them subjected to a world court supervised by an Iranian or Cambodian judge? The ICC does not advance, but rather, undermines the role of the United Nations Security Council in maintaining international peace and security. United States peacekeepers should be held accountable by the United States’ government and not an international prosecutor, unsupervised by any elected body, unbound by the concepts of Western civilization and free of political accountability seeking global justice. The United States is the greatest country in the world, and we have repeatedly met and exceeded our responsibility to maintain important peacekeeping missions and a strong presence across the globe. The United States’ Constitution and judicial system cannot be negotiated but should be used as a prototype for other nations committed to ensuring justice within their borders and throughout the international community.Scott McInnis, 3rd District CongressmanWashington, D.C.

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