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Why turn Israel over to terrorists?

Cynthia Thomas

Dear Editor,

I am shocked, Mr. Sundin, at your view of Christian beliefs.

No. 1, Christians do not believe that they can force the hand of an all-powerful God who has said that he will return in his own timing.

Secondly, the Christians who support Israel do so because the Jews are “God’s Chosen People,” and he said of Israel, “I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.”

During the Six Day War of 1967, the Israelis, who were surrounded and severely outnumbered, repelled the aggressor Arab nations who advanced on them, en masse, and took the land now in question fair and square.

In summary, many Christians believe going up against God and his Israel is not in America’s, (or any nation’s) best interest.

OK, Christian beliefs aside, where is the wisdom in taking land away from the only democratic nation in the Middle East in order to give it to a known group of terrorists who have openly stated that they will never live in peace with the Jews? This new Palestinian administration is only a puppet of the old.

What we are asking of Israel we would not do ourselves. Would we give back Texas, or California?

Cynthia Thomas

Glenwood Springs

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