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Why we work out …

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from left, Debbie Rondy, Lisa King, Jamie Duran, Scarlett Easton

Why stop at the gym on the way home from work to do 45 minutes of cardio? Why show up at 5 a.m. for a tough workout? Why try to eat and drink healthy? Why try to push out the last few repetitions? Why take yoga? Why try to keep going?

We asked The Greatest Losers some of these questions. The Ladies of Team City Market have been working out hard and doing their best to stick with it. They have experienced the same day to-day challenges that we all have. Hopefully some of their answers will help to motivate you to stick with your fitness routine.

Q: Why did you decide to participate in the competition in the first place?

Scarlett Easton: “I think that being involved in group exercise has helped me feel more confident in the gym.”

Lisa King: “I wanted to learn how to work out and develop more confidence.”

Debbie Rondy: “I wanted to learn to lose weight and exercise the right way and develop better eating habits.”

Q: What are some changes in yourself you have noticed since the competition started?

Easton: “I have lost weight but what I really noticed that my attitude is better. The workouts in the morning give me energy all day.”

King: “I’m in better shape and my clothes fit better.”

Rondy: “A whole new wardrobe! I have more energy and no more knee pain.”

Q: How do you plan to stick with it when the competition is over?

Easton: “I want to get a membership after the competition so I can keep working out.”

King: “I want to make working out part of my lifestyle.”

Rondy: “I want to keep working out at the gym and at home. I would also like to go on more hikes.”

We all have different reasons and motivation for working out. The point is that our we need to work out and eat well in order to be healthy. So find your motivation and stick with it.

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