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Wild & Beautiful captures every corner of Colorado

Chyrise HarrisPost Independent Staff

For those who havent left the house to experience Colorados beauty, Glenn Randalls latest book, Colorado Wild & Beautiful, brings wild Colorado into the living room.Turning the pages of Randalls looking glass of Colorado reveals a series of unequivocal images capturing the landscapes, wildlife and outdoor sports specific to Colorado.From the Maroon Bells to ancestral ruins of Mesa Verde, Randall invites readers to experience Colorado from just about every corner without ever stepping outside. Thirty years of exploring has allowed Randall to compile 125 images from all over the Centennial state. Reflections of mountain peaks, over serene rivers and streams, grace several pages in Colorado Wild & Beautiful, while golden aspen leaves and blooming columbines fill others.Randalls photography uncovers state treasures even for Coloradans. Through authentic photographs, Randall captures Colorado at its most scenic, from sunrise to sunset. Photographing before dawn and late into the night, Randall spares those who prefer a good nights sleep to experiencing natures gems.Sleep is for photographers who dont drink enough coffee, Randall said in his press statement.Randall said hes gotten up as early as 11 p.m. to take some of the photos in the book.Those of us who cant make it to the Rocky Mountain National Park or the obscure Purgatoire Canyon can rest easy, as Randall has already trekked miles to bring us the sites.I hope I would give people a more evocative portrait of the state, Randall said. Ive tried to find exceptional images of places like the Maroon Bells as well as provide images that are very unique, in places only visited by hardcore backpackers and fanatic photographers.Randalls photos reflect the crisp detail he seized without a digital camera. Instead, Randalls images provide immense clarity thanks to a 4-by-5 field camera with film 16 times the normal area size.I tell people jokingly its my 300-megapixel camera, he said.Randall said the images in Colorado Wild and Beautiful offer a different view of Colorado, capturing landscapes, wildlife and outdoor sporting activities.I felt that gave the book greater variety and depth than some of the books that are out there and its competitors, he said.Randalls ability to freeze Colorados flawless exterior leaps from page to page in a layout of what he calls a collection of the best photography hes taken over 30 years of gazing at Colorado.Contact Chyrise Harris: 945-8515, ext. 511charris@postindependent.com

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