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Will Mexico extend the same courtesies?

Dear Editor,

The Mexican consul general’s visit to Glenwood Springs poses several questions that should be addressed. Leticia Calzada thinks undocumented Mexican workers should be allowed to obtain state driver’s licenses. One must then ask if the consul general would support the notion that those people entering Mexico illegally would also be extended that courtesy. The real problem is not that they are driving illegally, the real problem is that they are here at all if they have entered this country illegally.

We purport to be a nation of laws that people living here are expected to obey. Many of these laws carry severe penalties for noncompliance. We have laws addressing legal immigration. Who then among us get to decide which laws we can ignore, the ski areas, the building contractors, the fast food outlets or some service contractor.

Before I incur the wrath of God for these opinions, let me state where I am coming from. I am a fourth-generation citizen via the legal immigration route. I am not against people coming here legally. I do believe, however, those entering our country should be here through legal immigration or through a temporary worker permit that can document their arrival, tenure and departure from our borders. We have 3 to 4 million people in this country illegal at the present time. Our government has no idea where these people are or what they are doing. Do we need to compound this problem?

Many of these people coming across our borders are decent hard-working people that are only looking for a better life. If they are here legally they should be given a decent wage, and at least a minimum coverage for health insurance provided by those who hire them. We must also accept the fact that we can not be responsible for all of President Vicente Fox’s problems in Mexico.

I don’t think we would be enjoying our country as it is today if our ancestors had the attitude that they could find a better life across our borders. Instead they chose to stay and fight for those things that make this country what it is. This might be a thought for our Mexican friends.


Norman L. Herwick


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