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Will Packers QB Brett Favre stay retired?

Brett Favre is apparently tired of ESPN’s fabricated stories on Sportscenter about Titletown and My Wish segments. How else could one explain why he is considering coming out of retirement?

He wanted to create a story to get the NFL world buzzing, put his name at the top of all sports shows, and singlehandedly ruin good baseball highlights for another segment of Coors Light Cold Hard Facts on how Favre is bored out of his mind in Mississippi and is considering playing again.

I’m sick of this back-and-forth saga with Favre. Here’s a message to you, Brett: Stay retired and stay out of the news. Put on your Wranglers, buy another bass fishing boat, do a Just For Men ad, build a trophy room for your career interceptions record, grab a cold one and sit back and watch a quarterback with a better arm than yours, Jay Cutler.

Anymore of these shenanigans, Brett, and I will burn my copy of There’s Something About Mary.

Go Broncos.

“How come you say you will when you won’t, say you do and then you don’t?” Ringo sang this old Carl Perkins’ rockabilly tune on a Beatles album in 1965, the FIRST time Brett Favre retired.

Notice the difference in helping verb from the last time this question was posed: Then, it was “SHOULD he retire?” Will he or won’t he? A variation on Hamlet’s classic question: “To be or not to be” retired ” that is the question.

The answer just might lie in last year’s Green Bay draft.

If the Packers really felt Aaron Rodgers was their quarterback, why did they draft Louisville’s Brian Brohm as well as LSU’s Matt Flynn?

Favre undoubtedly knows he wouldn’t have to fight for a job ” his team was an interception away from going to the Super Bowl last year. My guess is he’d rather not have THAT as his final football memory.


Of course Brett Favre will stay retired.

The Packers and their fans think that it’s Aaron Rodgers’ turn to lead the team. Also, he would only come back if he went to a contender, and most (if not all) contenders already have their quarterback.

Brett Favre is old. There are not a lot of teams looking for a short-term quarterback. They want a guy who can carry their franchise for years to come. Obviously, Brett Favre is a special player, but I don’t think that he is going to make a comeback.

Maybe ESPN had a slow sports news week and decided to spark the rumor of Brett Favre’s possible return. There’s nothing like their power of the press to screw things up and stir up controversy. I think Brett will resist all temptations to return for several reasons.

First, he is too smart to risk the embarrassment that others have experienced when returning after having “peaked out.” Brett’s timing was perfect and he gave his situation a lot of thought. He knows that second guessing himself now would be a mistake.

And besides, Brett owes it to his wife, Deanna, and his two daughters, Brittney and Breleigh, to finally become a family man after 17 years of stardom!

Brett, please stay put. Don’t become a misguided returning “has-been.”

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