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Editorial: With elections in the rearview mirror, now is the time to lead

Our elected officials could learn a thing or two from April Carter.

The newly-elected mini-mayor of Sunlight Mountain Ski Resort isn’t spending time gloating about her victory, but instead is getting down to the brass tacks of setting her priorities of fairy mailboxes, garlic chicken (in honor of her dad) and green lift chairs to promote literacy.

In other words, she’s serious about her role as mini-mayor.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for some of the winners and losers following the elections earlier this month.

Instead of talking about strategy to combat the rising tide of COVID-19 or the economic hardship, mental health and addiction struggles many are facing, some of our politicians seem fixated on rehashing the election results instead of accepting them for what they are and moving forward.

That’s a remarkable disservice given the magnitude of challenges our nation and people face right now.

Regardless of who won or lost, we expect a better level of leadership from our politicians than we’re getting right now.

For those who lost, it’s really a matter of accepting it and moving forward. With the election in the rear-view mirror, they need to collect themselves and stop being divisive. Saying with no evidence that the election was riddled with fraud to the extent that results might change accomplishes nothing but dividing people even more than they already feel.

Outgoing President Donald Trump is at the top of this list. And even as his time in office winds down, his supporters still look to him to drive the conversation. He’d do better by the nation to focus on the very real problems we face right now — and following the example set by every other outgoing president in history by supporting his successor.

For those who won, we’d ask them to avoid gloating or otherwise throwing shade at their opponents. President-elect Joe Biden calling Trump’s behavior “embarrassing” does nothing to build a bridge between himself and supporters of Trump. We’d encourage him to be laser-focused on his stated goal of serving as president for all Americans and not getting mired in criticism of Trump.

At the same time, our elected officials who won by narrow margins would do best to recognize a close election means they’re threading the needle of politics. It would be wise for them to continue to do so.

This year’s Garfield County Commission and Colorado Senate District 8 elections weren’t the closest in history, but they show just how much people are divided about who should fill those roles.

That’s an opportunity for the winners to seek ground for consensus and to think outside the box of their own political leanings. Don’t get us wrong — this isn’t a call for Commissioners Mike Samson and John Martin and Sen. Bob Rankin to govern as Democrats. Rather, we encourage them to seek common ground where it lies and build on that for the improvement of our entire community.

That would truly be following in Sunlight Mini Mayor April Carter’s footsteps.

The Post Independent editorial board members are Publisher Bryce Jacobson, Editor Peter Baumann and Managing Editor/Senior Reporter John Stroud.

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