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Without moms, we would be lost

April E. Clark
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April in Glenwood

I’m not around kids 24-7 like many of my friends who are moms, nurses or teachers. I rarely wipe a runny nose, soothe a broken heart or tend to a scraped bloody knee.

Unless they’re my own.

After a whirlwind week of hanging out with my mother, and celebrating Mother’s Day with a friend who’s a mom of three, I’ve learned a great deal about moms. And I’ve grown even closer with my own mother, who is also a great friend.

I’m lucky that way.

Last week my mom flew into Colorado during a late spring snowstorm to help me with my transition from a house to a flat – that’s fancy for apartment. Politely said, it’s a mother of a square-footage adjustment. Where once I had room enough for a cabinet full of baby dolls and board games, which I will somehow explain later, I’m now in purge mode.

A girl can only have so many dolls.

I’m in the mindset that if I don’t need it, it goes. I do need Scrabble in my life, so that fantastic Parker Brothers invention stays. But the creepy baby dolls?

Let’s just say they won’t be taking up any shelf space in my new place.

I wouldn’t have been able to successfully make my move without my mom. She and I worked tirelessly without much sleep to get me from point A in Glenwood Springs to point B in Carbondale.

Only 12 miles separate them, but the two Colorado mountain towns seem worlds apart.

It’s no secret that moving is a chore. If moving had its own Facebook page, it would only have one or two likes and those would be people who can afford to pay for a mover.

That’s money well spent.

I have yet to hear anyone say they love moving. It’s difficult on many levels. Of course it’s nowhere near as painful as childbirth. Somehow, though, the process is traumatic enough for me to forget how really bad it is before doing it all over again.

A lot like dating, really.

Moving is about as fun being an adult at a kid’s birthday party where the entire menu and all the presents are made of sugar. Now an adult-only party with all sugar, all the time is a different story.

Throw some caffeine in there and things get out of hand.

My move showed me the type of mother I should be, if I were to someday embrace motherhood. My mom has always been there to support me when I need it, no question. She’s also there to give me what I most need, especially during a move – advice.

Some people have a hard time taking suggestions from their mothers. I figure mine knows me better than anyone, so I should listen. She’ll be the first one to tell you that listening didn’t always come naturally.

Oh to know, and love, me at 15.

What I most admire about my mother is her intuition. When she meets someone, she is on to him or her immediately. You can’t really trick Dian. She’s a lot like Santa that way. She knows if you’ve been bad, and she knows if you’ve been good.

She especially knows that about me.

That’s probably how she kept me from hanging around a bad crowd in high school. And how she knows when I’m attracted to the wrong guy. Unfortunately she can’t always be with me on dates.

That might get a little weird.

My mom left last Thursday, after extending her trip. So on Mother’s Day, I spent the afternoon with a single-mom friend who has three awesome kids, 11 and younger. We soaked in the world’s largest hot springs pool – a fact the oldest son pointed out – and had a nice dinner out at a restaurant. The kids were so polite and did not hesitate to tell their mom how much they love her. That was so touching.

What I noticed most about the interaction between mother and children is that they really listened to her. Of course there’s always a little testing of the nerves, but kids will be kids. They are so eager for knowledge and want to learn from their mom.

I know I still do.

I was so impressed by how intently the kids listened to my friend as she explained life’s little facts. Like how aspen trees grow in clonal colonies – explained in a much more child-friendly way than my attempt. And how important it is to get all cleaned up and have manners when going out to dinner for a special occasion, like Mother’s Day.

Without moms who take the time to teach the next generation all about life, manners and trees, we would be lost. I know I would be. For that, I thank my mother.

And all the mothers who follow.

April E. Clark kept that arsenal of baby dolls after she and her friends dressed up as a boat full of Britneys (Spears, of course) for the old Yagatta Regatta rafting costume contest a few years ago. She can be reached at aprilelizabethclark@yahoo.com.

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