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Woman popped for driving at 98 mph while carrying 30 pounds of pot

Stephanie Alegria was at the wheel when she was clocked driving 98 mph along I-70. After a quick search the car she and Selvin McKey were in was hauling 30 pounds of pot and other cannabis products.
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EAGLE — There are lots of great reasons not to drive 98 mph along I-70, but mostly because local law enforcement will ask you questions, such as:

  1. May I search your vehicle?
  2. Why are you carrying 30 pounds of pot?

Selvin McKay and Stephanie Alegria were motoring along at 98 mph, headed east on I-70 out of Glenwood Canyon when they popped up on Dep. Devan Salazar’s police radar, according to court documents.

Alegria was at the wheel of the pair’s rental car, which did not have an interlock device, a requirement for any vehicle she drives. Before the vehicle can be started, the driver must exhale into the interlock device.

Alegria explained to Dep. Salazar that they were headed for Chicago to visit a friend named Chris. She could not remember the last name of Chris.

McKay explained to Salazar that they were on their way to Chicago to visit a friend named Thomas, whose last name had also slipped his mind, court documents say.

Dep. Salazar’s suspicions arose when he spied four duffel bags in the back of their car, which led him to suspect that they might be involved in some sort of criminal activity.

Dep. Salazar asked Alegria if she and McKay might be involved in something that’s not strictly within the bounds of the law. She seemed surprised and said no.

Salazar pulled a black duffel bag out of the back of their rental car and jiggled the zipper, secured with a combination lock. It opened far enough that he spotted pot.

Because he’s trained for this sort of thing, Dep. Salazar felt and squeezed the other duffel bags and surmised that they also likely contained cannabis products.

McKay and Alegria were whisked to the Eagle County Jail so deputies could continue this conversation further and get permission to cut the combination padlocks off the duffel bags, which they received.

Among the products they found were: 30 pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana packages weighing about one pound each, 300 3.5-gram containers, 300 vape pen refills, 100 banks refills, one jar of marijuana wax, 540 rolled marijuana blunts, and 48 4-ounce bottles of THC syrup. The whole load is worth about $150,000, Chief Deputy District Attorney Joe Kirwan said.

“She said she didn’t know they were traveling with any of that,” Kirwan said, who added that he did not believe it.

McKay told Dep. Salazar that Chris dropped the duffle bags at his house, and they were delivering them to Thomas in Chicago.

McKay ran into further difficulties when he missed a court date last month.

Ironically, he showed up for court the day Alegria was sentenced to 30 days in jail and probation. If she messes that up, she goes to prison for at least two years.

McKay was arrested and placed in the Eagle County Jail. He’s back in court on Monday.

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