Working within system better than revolt |

Working within system better than revolt

Dear Editor,

Sue Gray, in the July 15 Post Independent, writes “…this concept (forcible overthrow of a ruling body) strikes fear into the hearts of most Americans…” Some Americans, Ms. Gray. Most Americans would resist. Men and women in service, veterans and patriots have and will “… come to the aid of their country.”

To avoid the resistance that will surely result from attempts to forcibly overthrow a government, working within the system to effect change is the way to go. If a cause is valid, the American people will respond by nominating, campaigning for and electing those who espouse the cause.

Ms. Gray mentions the labor, women’s and civil rights movements as “accompanied by violence” which she blames on “the government and its supporters” for “usually” perpetrating that violence. This is to ignore history and the idolization of leaders of the revolutions she mentions. She has to ignore the violent challenges to authority which were incited by those leaders to cause legal authority to react to criminal action. Only one truly nonviolent person comes to mind and that is in connection with the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks.

Referring to Steve Campbell’s letter published July 12, his idealism is to be commended but his inflexibility and egotism shows when he describes those who have not come into what he claims as his realm of understanding as narrow minded, against reasonableness (as he defines it) and the rest of the populace is for the destruction of “our people” and “our Earth” etc. (See his letter of the 12th to cover the etc.) He claims his “instincts and experience” allowed him to make his claim the “people,” the “Earth,” etc. must conform to a code of conduct to be dictated by a group of which he is a member.

“My way or the highway.” Is that it, Mr. Campbell?

Thanks for listening,

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

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