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Would you want your favorite baseball team to sign Alex Rodriguez? Why or why not?

Even though a talent like Alex Rodriguez would greatly help the Astros, I do not believe they should sign him because the cost would be so high that they couldn’t afford to keep or bring in any other good players to support him. In baseball one player does not have as tremendous an effect as he can in basketball or even football.

In baseball a position player will probably only have four or five chances to affect the outcome of a game on offense and even fewer chances on defense unless they are a pitcher. And starting pitchers can only pitch once every five games or so.

Any team who puts up the kind of money Scott Boras (Rodriguez’s agent) will ask for will end up with the same problem the Texas Rangers had all those years with him, unless they are as rich as the Yankees who can evidently use thousand dollar bills for wiping material in their bathroom stalls.

Alex is a great talent, there is no question about that. I feel the money involved would not benefit any ball club that I root for, as, for one, you know it has to create jealousy in your clubhouse. Two, I don’t feel it helps any team when you have an agent and a player holding a team as hostage, and have little respect for the game, as they showed during game 4 of the World Series.

There are two players in baseball right now that have lost some respect as individuals, Barry Bonds, and now Alex Rodriguez.

I think any team would benefit from signing Alex Rodriguez. I don’t think many teams could afford him. My favorite team is the Brewers, and they couldn’t afford to pay his salary. I would rather see the Brewers draft a couple of good players for the price they would pay Alex. On the other hand, if your team has the money, why not sign him? He is a great player.

To A-Rod or not to A-Rod? Since the Dodgers hired Joe ‘Catcha’ Torre, speculation is high in Dodger Town. What the Dodgers lack is a big bopper in the lineup, yet I vote nay, for several reasons:

1 ” Every team Rodriguez has left improved its record the following year.

2 ” Scott Boras is his agent.

3 ” Conflict between Dodgers youngsters and aging vets helped sink them in September; hopefully, Torre calms the waters; paying A-Rod 30 million a year will stir up a clubhouse tempest (see item No. 1).

4 ” One high-maintenance star (Lakers and Kobe) in town is enough.

When the Rockies swept the Dodgers on their way to the Series, their blend of young players and emerging stars was a good mix. Though A-Rod’s bat is tempting, I’d rather the Dodgers rely on emerging players and leave some payroll room for acquisitions at the trade deadline. No, to A-Rod.

Unless you happen to be the CFO of your favorite baseball team or are responsible for negotiating the contract with Scott Boras, why would you say *no*? The idea is to get the best players on your team, right? And A-Rod is the best baseball player. Maybe not the most popular player in the league, but he’s not a clubhouse cancer: he’s just a little impolitic and awkward with celebrity.

With high-revenue teams spending $18 million on guys like Barry Zito (4.53 ERA), I can’t imagine those teams (obviously we’re not talking Royals or Pirates here) wouldn’t pony up a few million more for guaranteed elite production, not to mention the marketing opportunities inherent in a home-run-record chase.

My favorite team is the Mets, who have David Wright ” baseball’s best third baseman not named A-Rod. Wright said that if the Mets got A-Rod, he’d consider *changing* positions to free up third for A-Rod. What’s that tell you?

Under Alex Rodriguez’s current demands for a new contract, I would definitely not want him to play for the Colorado Rockies. Even last year, his salary was more than half of the entire payroll of the Rockies.

Let’s review A-Rod’s number of World Series appearances, which is approximately the same number of times Elvis played in it: zero. The Rockies made it this year with a great core of young players. Their money would be better spent on signing Matt Holliday to an extension, buying every frustrated fan trying to get playoff tickets a gift certificate to Red Lobster, and paying for the assassination of Dinger. (Aren’t dinosaurs extinct anyway?)

Sadly, some poor team will pay A-Rod a contract that rivals defense budgets. His contract demands are higher than 196 countries’ gross domestic product. How can anyone pay a baseball player double the amount Finland’s GDP?

No. The Cubs already spent over $300 million last offseason. They are on lock down, no more spending! As for the Rockies, I just don’t see A-Rod fitting in on the home-grown, bule-collar team. So no thanks.

Not that A-Rod isn’t great, not that I am not rooting for him to dethrone Barry Bonds for all-time home run king, but the guy is just plan greedy. The money he is asking for is flat out ridiculous. He represents the I-play-for-money-not-the-love-of-the-game generation that is ruining professional sports. That’s why he was a great Yankee.

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