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Wrestlers hope supporters will putter around

Last year, 10-12 wrestlers from Roaring Fork, Glenwood Springs and Basalt high schools stood on Guy and Lynette Brickell’s porch, asking them to help support the wrestling team.For several years, the wrestling team, which comprised members of all three schools, has practiced in Basalt. The majority of wrestlers go to school in Glenwood Springs, so practice requires a commute that can get hairy in the winter.Due to the commute, wrestlers wanted to re-establish the wrestling program at Glenwood Springs High School. They also wanted Guy to be their coach.Guy has plenty of wrestling experience – he wrestled in high school and college, and coached for 13 years – but he had to think about coaching, Lynette said.In July of 2003, the Brickell’s son, Cody, who was on the wrestling team, died of injuries suffered in a car accident.Cody, who was 18 and on his way to college, wanted to make sure the wrestling team would continue, Lynette said.”When Cody was planning on going to college, he said, ‘Don’t you let that program go,'” said Lynette. “He didn’t want to see the program go down the tubes, so Guy decided it was something he had to do.”Saturday, the wrestlers will host the first Cody Brickell Miniature Golf fund-raiser.The fund-raiser will be at Johnson Park in West Glenwood and includes a barbecue, prizes and a silent auction.Proceeds will go toward a $10,000 fund to help establish the wrestling team at Glenwood Springs High School.For the first two years, new high school sports programs must be able to finance themselves, Lynette said.To do that, the wrestling team needs to raise about $10,000. The majority of the money will help pay for traveling expenses. The team has already paid $6,500 for a wrestling mat.Each one of the 36 miniature golf holes has a $100 sponsorship from local businesses. Wal-Mart has also agreed to meet up to $1,000 of the money raised at the fund-raiser. Johnson Park is donating use of the park to the fund-raiser and will give some of the playing fees to the wrestling team.The school district is also helping wrestlers raise money and get established, said Guy.Although Cody would have wanted his parents to help the team, the Brickells are not just supporting the team to carry out Cody’s wishes.”It’s always going to be tough for us,” Lynette said. “Cody wouldn’t want us to sit around, and if this is good for the kids now, that’s the good part.”The Brickells don’t know how many people will show up or how much money they’ll raise, but they have confidence in the cause.”We’re pretty sure we’ll meet our goal,” Guy said. “We’ve said that we’re going to do this no matter what.”Contact Ivy Vogel: 945-8515, ext. 534ivogel@postindependent.comThe fund-raiser will from 12 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 11 at Johnson’s Park in West Glenwood.The fund-raiser will from 12 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 11 at Johnson’s Park in West Glenwood.

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