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Writer needs to learn what freedom really means

RE: Jason Whitcomb regarding your outrage over the bumper sticker, “Don’t confuse dying over oil with fighting for freedom.”

Clearly that message was meant for you. Your inane tirade shows you are indeed confused about freedom. Shame on you for not paying attention in civics class. You would have learned that not since gaining independence from Britain has American freedom depended upon military action.

The freedoms Americans enjoy are those enumerated in the first ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution ” the Bill of Rights. They are freedom from intrusion into our personal lives by the government; freedom from censorship by the government; freedom from infringement on our right to own guns by the government; freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government; freedom from imprisonment without trial by the government; freedom from excessive fines by the government; and freedom from cruel and unusual punishment by the government. You see, Jason, the only people who can take away our freedoms are those running the U.S. government.

In the past eight years, many of our freedoms have been threatened and even destroyed. The yuppie-liberal-left-winger with the “outrageous” bumper sticker, who protests the Bush Administration’s violation of our Constitutional freedoms, and recognizes the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq needlessly endangers the lives, limbs and sanity of our soldiers, for the sole purpose of filling corporate pockets with taxpayer money, is the true patriot and the real supporter of our troops.

It is you, sir, who don’t support our troops. By succumbing to the right-wing religious extremist hate-speech propaganda of Fox News talk show hosts, televangelists and crooked politicians, and continuing to spout the “fighting for our freedom” lie, you are promoting and prolonging the unnecessary death and suffering of our soldiers.

If you really want to exercise your patriotism, protect American freedom and support the troops, put the blame for their suffering and dying where it belongs ” squarely on Bush/Cheney. Join the impeachment movement and support the effort to end this tragically erroneous and mismanaged “war,” and bring our troops home.

Sue Gray


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