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X marks midwinter for Glenwood High students

Since the snow has melted in town and the temperatures have climbed into the 50s, it has been hard to tell at Glenwood Springs High School that it is still only the middle of winter. Brave girls and guys alike don shorts and sandals in the hallways. Skirts and short-sleeve shirts are also becoming a more frequent sight.A three-day weekend and the X Games have contributed to more excitement at school as well. Despite the fashion-minded spring-hopefuls, the X Games have reminded us that winter is still in full force.Speaking of, the “midwinter” students of the month are Jacy McNutt and Abbey Walters. Jacy is a junior and was born in Glenwood. She has lived here all of her life with her mom, dad and two brothers, Ryan and Aaron. She also has two cats and a dog.In her spare time, Jacy likes to play with her dog, Blue. She also enjoys rafting and tubing on the local rivers. Her favorite memories in high school include the river, too. This year, Jacy really enjoyed her Riverwatch class with her friends.In school, Jacy is an active member of varsity choir and participates in school plays, including last year’s “Father Of The Bride” and this spring’s musical, “Les Miserables.”Jacy was nominated as student of the month by her choir teacher, Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Miller says that Jacy really helps to keep her organized: “She is very willing and ready to do anything. Jacy will see a job and do it without having to be asked.”Jacy also teaches Mrs. Miller how to use her computer, which, as Mrs. Miller puts it, “is in and of itself, quite a remarkable task!” Jacy has probably picked up some of her computer skills while working part time at her dad’s business, Desk Top Consulting.After high school, Jacy is planning on going out of state to a four-year college. She would also love to travel more, adding to her current list of Spain, Mexico, Canada, and several other destinations in the United States.The second student of the month, Abbey Walters, also shares this passion for traveling. She plans on studying abroad in Europe sometime during or after college. She wants to learn about new people and different lifestyles while “growing more and more into the person that she is meant to be.” Abbey was born in Valley View Hospital and has lived in the same house on Bennett Avenue all 18 years of her life. Abbey, her parents and her sister love visiting family in Michigan and going to the beach.Abbey is very athletic and has participated in several school sports. They include track and field (where she qualified for state as a freshman), cross country (of which she was the team captain her junior and senior seasons and also qualified for state), basketball, and club soccer. Abbey is in peer counseling and National Honor Society as well.During her free time, Abbey likes to run, watch movies, hang out with herself, and simply enjoy life. She also likes to eat, saying, “Who doesn’t love eating?”Abbey says, “Many people may not know that I’m actually a very spiritual person. I may not go to church, or practice in that way, but I believe that spirituality is essential to live a full life.”Abbey’s favorite quote is by Susan Kneller, a counselor and life coach: “You are allowed to choose light for your life.” She likes this quote because it explains that people have a choice to live life the way they are supposed to or to chicken out. “Either way,” Abbey says, “the person is responsible for the choice they make.”Great job to both Jacy and Abbey – keep up the good work!Alright, with 36 school days until spring break, I say soak up as much sun as you can. After all, it’s getting lighter later every single day!Cassidy Willey is a junior at Glenwood Springs High School. She writes a column twice a month for the Post Independent.Cassidy Willey is a junior at Glenwood Springs High School. She writes a column twice a month for the Post Independent.

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