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Yampah `not that type of school’

Dear Editor,

I am a student at Yampah Mountain High School, and I am writing regarding the notice in the May 7 Copshop about a student at Yampah being in a fistfight.

I want everyone to know that we are not that type of school. I am in the alternative high school part of Yampah. We also have the Wellspring Treatment Center for middle school and high school students as well as the Teen Parent Program.

When I read your story about the fistfight, it upset me because it made it sound like we have fights in our parking lot and that the teen mommies are beating each other up. Please!

Our school is not like that at all. We come to Yampah to explore a different way of learning as well as to experience an environment based on respect: respect for ourselves, respect for our teachers and respect for our peers. It isn’t that often that our name appears in your paper; if it does we hope that it is because of the incredible things we do.

Nor do we have kids fighting all the time. We are merely trying to provide our kids with an environment where we can all get along and succeed. Sometimes there are problems, although from my experience far fewer than at a traditional high school, and our teachers handle them in the most appropriate way.

It is very unfortunate that we have the reputation that we do. The two years that I have been here have changed my life. I have learned to appreciate everything in life, I love my teachers, my classes and I love the way that no matter how I look, or who I was when I came here, the people around me have the patience, the respect and compassion to help bring the best out of me.

So, next time you see our name in the paper, remember that we are extremely proud of the way our school works, and no matter what people say about us, we will continue to help the kids in our community become whomever they want to be, without discrimination of any kind.


Erin Williams

11th Grade

Yampah Mountain High School

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