Yeah, right, I love sarcasm, too |

Yeah, right, I love sarcasm, too

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to write and lend my support to Mr. Doug Meyers about that sarcasm thing. I’m sick and tired of all of those liberal pantywaists who are against the war with Iraq just because it might kill a few innocent bystanders. Why should we be concerned about them? Hey, they chose to live in Iraq, not me. Besides they keep electing this fool Saddam by popular vote every time. These people have no concept of American democracy. I say we go over there and knock off that murderous dictator now that he’s outlived his usefulness to us.

I’m getting tired of paying $1.80 for gas every day, and I want to keep driving my SUV because I don’t want anyone but me to survive if I get in an accident. Those liberals don’t care if we have to pay more for gas because we don’t have to actually buy it, when we can just take it away. Anyone who tries to stop us is on the side of evil and then we can do a little nation building with them, too. In fact we might as well go ahead and take out Saudi Arabia and Iran and Egypt. Do they have any oil? No, then they’re alright. You say Russia has a lot of oil? Hmmm. Well anyway, it’s not about oil. Its about our way of life and how they hate us. The dirty little camel jockeys.

Hell, we might as well go ahead and change all them regimes in all those third world countries to ones more friendly to us so we could get more freer trade of their resources. Besides the American way of life is the best way in the world and every country should want it even if they don’t. They’re just a bunch of primitive monkeys anyway and don’t know what’s good for them anyhow. So what if those other nuclear countries don’t like it. If they got weapons of mass destruction we’ll put them on notice that they’ll get the same we gave Iraq if they don’t toe the line.

All you liberal pinko commies at home better beware too. Yours is not to reason why. We won’t stand for anyone trying to take away our freedom of speech by protesting or writing letters to the editor against the war because we have all sorts of new ways to find out who you are and then we can put you in a military tribunal and have you shot, without telling anybody. Plus all you poor people are now going to have to work for free, or else. You’re only poor because you’re lazy. There’s something wrong with somebody who doesn’t want to have two houses and a garage full of toys. You’re either a capitalist or a terrorist in my country. Love it or leave it.

We don’t need anyone to help us. We’ll go it alone until there’s no one left, because guess what, we have more weapons of mass destruction than anyone and our president’s just crazy enough to use them. Regime change, that’s the ticket. Yeah, sarcasm, right on Doug.

Mark Mixon

Glenwood Springs

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