Yes, America has a poverty problem |

Yes, America has a poverty problem

Dear Editor,

In a letter dated Aug. 20, Russell Coletti, another brainwashed American patriot, labeled me “an angry, misinformed liberal.” He’s right about one thing. I am angry! The hypocrisy and anti-humanitarian policies of the U.S. government make me want to scream.

Instead, I write letters, or “spout off” as Russell calls it. Well, somebody has to counter all of that pro-government propaganda we’ve all been fed since birth.

Mr. Coletti’s blind faith in this country’s “great leaders” is typical of those Americans who have never bothered to question the status quo.

It seems Mr. Coletti has taken blind faith one step further by claiming that because he has never himself seen homeless mothers with children digging in the trash, my statistics can’t possibly be right. Mr. Coletti is correct in his observation, but not his conclusion; there aren’t many homeless mothers visibly digging in the trash, because they are at one of their two or three minimum wage jobs, while their children are in school.

You see, these mothers aren’t homeless because they won’t work. They are living in poverty because of the previous administration’s welfare reform bill and the ridiculously low minimum wage.

Have you, Mr. Coletti, walked the back streets late at night, peering into parked cars? Because that is where the majority of families live after they lose their homes. They may have been victims of domestic abuse, or abandonment by their husband, and are unable to pay the rent or mortgage on one income.

Shame on you, Russell, for your shortsighted and callous attitude toward those Americans less fortunate than yourself.

Since Mr. Coletti has not bothered to check my statistics, I’ll provide the source of my figures on the homeless population. My statistics were gathered from the website of the U.S. Census Bureau, current population survey, March 2001:, and the website of the National Coalition for the Homeless,

I also suggest you read “Nickel and Dimed,” by Barbara Ehrenreich, a social critic’s report on what it was like to become a member of the working poor. Then tell me you don’t think there’s a problem with poverty in America.

As for Colin Powell, I believe him to be a good man with the potential to be a great leader, who is handcuffed by the ludicrous policies of the current administration. No, our weapons program is not the cause of poverty in our country. But imagine what wonderful things could be done for disadvantaged citizens with just a portion of that $355 billion defense bill.

Sue Gray


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